Plenty of Fish

Has anyone used this site?


No. I met my future wife the old fashioned way…

I think it’s a bit weird nowadays with everybody meeting on-line, Whatever happened to love at first sight?


I’ll save my words on the site

lets just say I call the site Plenty Of (Something that rhymes with fish)es

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Hahaha why do you say that?

Idk man it’s hard out here.

The women are very choosy and picky and narcissistic and straight up mean sometimes. But I’d say it’s worth a try you never know. Maybe they just don’t like me. But girls like me in real life but don’t give me the light of day on that site.


That sucks man. How long did you use it for?

I’ve tried a lot of times. But I’ve given up now. The first thing they look at is your height. The closest I ever got was when I lied about my height by a couple inches. It’s the only thing they care about. They don’t look at the real person…and half their profiles say “PLEASE BE OVER 6 FEET” or “PLEASE BE TALL” or “GIRLS ONLY WANT TALL GUYS, DIDN’T YOU KNOW?” I found it demeaning since i’m on the shorter side. When I put 5’9 as my height they at least responded but it didn’t go further than that. I’m really 5’6 though. Oh well. Shallow people are gonna be shallow, and those fish on that site aren’t from the DEEP ocean, they’re from the shallow waters. Maybe you’ll have better luck since you live in a more condensed area of NYC and you can lie by 3 inches and say you’re 6 feet :smiley: (I remember you said you were 5’9)

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"Plenty of Fish"
They make the sea beautiful. even I admire such waters from afar, though I don’t fish.

I met my husband on OK Cupid. I didn’t like POF, because everyone seemed to be looking for hookups.

Haha that’s all I’m looking for

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Well at least your honest, wait, is honesty a good thing these days?

I met my husband walking to the local market, I said Hi first, he smiled. Then about a week later I saw him again same, he said hello then me…we’ve been married for 4 years now.


Cant stand pof. eharmony im trying end of the month

Then POF should work out for you. Good luck finding your hookups!

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Thanks @ninjastar

Remember to practice safe sex, so you don’t catch anything or accidentally reproduce! Condoms are very useful!

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Haha your friendly neighborhood ninjastar. Don’t worry I will.


Guys over 6 feet are statistically rare. Are these girls that good looking themselves to be demanding such things?


I found my girlfriend on POF. It’s a decent site. It’s free is what I liked about it.


Yeah I like that.