Dating on the site''plenty of fish''

i have 15 women interested in me, i have a date today see how it goes wer going for a coffee


Good luck Pedro. I hope things work out for you.

Good luck, hope you both have a good first date.
Sure don’t envy the single people.
It’s not easy to trust others, but, think of it this way,
You never really know someone, no matter how long you have been with them.
The toughest part is knowing when to leave.

Very good luck with that. I hope you have good conversation and good time. I’m getting my courage up enough to date someday.

Good luck. I find dating online is much easier but it is difficult to continue dating with the same woman.

When I go looking for love I find chaos. When I go looking for friendship, I find love.

I only fail when I give up.

thanks for the well wishes, it went well we had good conversation on my topics, we had coffee and she said she will text me later, id go on a second date, it will be interesting to see what she says on her text later

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she still hasnt texted me, maybe there won’t be a second date should i text her?, maybe she is not into me, i thought it went well, i was calm and on the ball in the conversations and i was attracted to her, if we don’t go on a second date there is plenty more fish in the sea

false alarm, i just texted her and were meeting again, im happy enough with that.

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you found this person on here?

Ryan, he’s talking about the website in the link.

ah almost got my hopes up :frowning: i dont much like dating sites

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i met my boyfriend on there weve been together 6 years now:)


I’m on Plenty of Fish… and Ok Cupid. I haven’t had anything come out of it yet.

Good luck.

I can’t date.

This is all just so horrible i can’t do it.

Good for you Pedro, congrats