Please Help me

it all started around a year ago I was normal , thought normal , but started to workout a lot , getting very fast, and I believed I was so attractive and so confident in my ability that a secret society was watching me in order to guide me , this led me to go faster and harder and take way too much drugs , I ended up overdoing it and ending up in the hospital after running crazy believing this world was fake and I needed to break out , in the mental hospital I believed the society was keeping me prisoner and I started to believe I was telepathic and started to listen to little sounds and try to mimic what the sound would sound in English , this went on and I believed people were talking with me , with every movement someone would make I would think it’s for me , everyone was just acting in my mind and what was really going on only I knew but it had to be kept a secret , this lasted for a LONG TIME , almost a year now listening to every movement and sound believing it’s for me , now I think it’s the devil or aliens and they wanted to stop me from going to far , I try to remember how it’s like to feel normal again , I TRY TO TURN IT OFF ! BUT EVERY MOVEMENT OR SOUND DISTRACTS MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT! this is so serious please someone help ! I can’t breath! I can’t think! I feel like someone is controlling my mind! Whenever I think, or feel , or do anything , it’s like I listen to the world for a response , for example , I say in my head , nothing is real , and nothing happens , but when I start to believe it , and remember how it’s like to feel like no one can read my mind , a fly comes near my face like it could talk to me , or a very loud sound plays in the background , or a bird flys by , or my phone turns off , or my mom loves her head really fast , or I get a stomach ache ! Little things make me believe someone can read my mind and I can’t turn it off when I try I keep getting distracted ! Someone please help THIS IS KILLING ME ! I FORGOT WHAT REALITY IS ! WHEN I TRY TO REMEMBER I GET DISTRACTED BY WHAT I BELIEVE IS THE DEVIL OR ALIENS ! ITS SO SCARY! ITS SO HORRIBLE PLEASE!!! I FEEL LIKE IM IN HELL RIGHT NOW!


I know what you’re going through, thinking that little sounds are secret messages, like your mind inserts a word over a tiny sound.

This is schizophrenia, it’s a disorder of awareness, where you are overly aware of your surroundings. You need good treatment to dial that down, please talk to a psychiatrist.


yeah i’m not a doctor but you should talk to one. sounds like a psychotic break and they have meds to relieve this. Good luck. sorry you are going through this. can be scary but there is treatment.


Nothing is real. It is your mind playing tricks to you. Look for a doctor right now. They can help you. I understand you and i am here if you need to write all you want.

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Hi @Pleasehelp, do you have a psychiatrist? are you on meds?


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