I really need help please

6 months ago after watching an apocalyps series i went into panic mode and triggred so much and was canstantly thinking what if a virus come and flood the whole world and now this is happening a virus that is spreading the planet so idk if im paranoid but im just like wtf is that because of me i know its foolish cause i dont think i have such power but since i have canstant derealization for years this whole world feels unreal to me which makes it all so hard for me being in such situation .can someone help me talk to me helping me out of this loop?pluse before that in these recent months i had some thoughts that came true too and this freaks me out about my whole thinking process. i dont want to be paranoid or delusional but i cant pass this by n not thinking about it

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You are not the cause of the virus. Specially as schizophrenics we are powerless people who need the constant help from a drug to be able to function more or less normally.
And we have too much going on per se to worry about destroying the world with our thoughts.

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500,000 coicidences happen a day somewhere in the world. There’s an old saying, “Even a stopped watch is right two times a day”. No matter what you think, there’s someone in the world who already thought of it or something like it. If you watch TV or listen to the radio a lot you’re going to hear a word or sentence or paragraph that sounds like something you’ve thought of. But it’s a coincidence. It’s especially true if you are looking for it. Relax, you didn’t cause this virus or global warming or the fact that Trump is a dick. These are just all random catastrophes that happen on their own that we all have to put up with.


you should try gettint an anti psychotic…ti should help you out