Please help me regarding this - Think I was Stuck with a Needle

ok to cut long things short.

Ive had a terrible family (parents who hate me to the core and are sad at anything good happening to me).

So i was recently married and my parents tried their best to screw up my marriage and my relationship with my wife.

I stay away from my parents.

Ok so what happened is that once I had to visit my parents inorder to get a prescription for Xanax cause I was unable to sleep (and the local doctor wont give it to me and would give it to my parents).

And so during that visit, My Mom asked the doctor to take my BP (it was not needed). Anyway I hadnt slept for 4-5 days and was groggy and unaware and at that moment I saw my Mom holding my feet and I said what the hell are you doing and she took away her hand.

Now since that time I have had this terrible delusion in my mind that my Mom has injected an Antipsychotic Depot injection (the one that lasts for a month like Risperidone injection).

I spoke to a psychiatrist and he told me that I had schizophrenia.

Anyway I want to know from this forum that :-

  1. Is it possible to be injected given my situation or is it my Delusion (injected in Feet) ?. I read somewhere that Intramuscular Depot Injections which carry antipsychotics are only injected usually in 4 places (hips, thighs etc). Can they be injected in FEET?.
  2. If I am injected with an antipsychotic will it affect my emotions and make me a robot?.

Any genuine answers please.

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I have honestly never heard of having a doc inject AP into the feet.

A registered medical person has to give the injection… there is no doc that will give a needle full of AP to anyone to just carry around for when the time comes…

You have to physically see a doc to see if a med is right for you and you won’t have allergic reactions to it, or you don’t have other conditions that will be made worse if you get the shot… so again… no doc is just going to hand over a needle full of random AP to your Mom.

If you do end up on meds… the right meds… NO they do not turn you into a non-emotion zombie or robot.

part of this illness is negative symptoms… this illness will eventually take away your emotions… and your motivation… and your empathy… and your speech… and your energy… negative swing is the worst.

The AP I’m on has a mood stabilizer in it so it keeps me OUT of negative swing.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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You sound a little paranoid. I don’t know why she would give you an injection in your feet. If you were injected, which I doubt, the drug would affect your emotions and cognition. It would go away in time.

yep, definitely delusion. intra muscular ap’s have to be given in the thigh or buttock muscle. you soumd very paranoid to me hunni. think maybe you should get on an anti psychotic. it won’t turn you into a robot. good luck

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it is a delusion…
you have a fear connected to your parents and that has manifested into a senario involving being injected…pretty normal sz thing.
e.g as an example mrs. sith makes dinner…i have an argument with mrs. sith…
then i persume mrs.sith has put something poisonous or other wise in the food.
i think it tastes different because of paranoia…and the merry go round keeps going !?!
this would happen a lot in my twenties.
it is a delusion.
take care

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ok I do realize I have SZ.

I hate medications .

can this go away without Medications?..any possible way?..Meditation?.

And there is no cure for SZ right atleast not by medications ?

What I have planned on doing is trying to ignore or control these delusions…the question I have is that if I dont take medications will my intellect, cognition and memory go worse and would I start getting more delusions and hallucinations (something which i dont have right now)?

I do work as a technical engineer and am going a pretty OK job right now .

In my personal life my marriage is in the dumps (my wife has left me though she is in contact )…but that has more to do with problems with my family rather than with me.

I dont think I have depression …I do live alone and manage it reasonably well (washing, cleaning are done by me regularly).

ok I looked up over the Internet

fluphenazine decanoate injections could be injected Subcutaneously…These are easily available here in India without a doctors prescription…

So there is a possibility right that fluphenazine decanoate (brand name Anatensol /Prolixin) has been injected into my FOOT while I was not noticing???

greetings and welcome.

i’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough go.

i wanted to post because i’ve been on those injections. i’ve been on invega sustenna, prolixin depot, and am currently on haldol depot.

i don’t doubt that there are different over the counter availabilities and that someone will tell you it’s ok to put these types of injections subcutaneously. having had them (the depot/long lasting ones) for a while now, and having had the short acting ones numerous times, i do not think it possible that you could have gotten a prolixin depot without some tell tale signs.

those injections are formulated to be injected into muscles. big muscles, too, not just any ones. your foot just doesn’t have the right structure for it. you’d have some problems at the site. i don’t want to go into that, because i don’t want to make your concerns worse, but as a personal example, i’ve had those exact injections and they are ALWAYS in the rump. always. and they leave traces, so to speak. you can get some injections in the upper arm, depending on the size, but in the foot is just unheard of. they are designed to be “deep intramuscular injections” i believe is the terminology. they have to go deep into a big enough muscle to work. your feet simply don’t have that option. there’s insufficient flesh there.

that’s not to say that something isn’t odd about your mum messing with your foot, but since prolixin is an oil based medication, you would feel it for a while at the site. i don’t know that i’m explaining that well, but it’s sore for a bit. and it would take more than a second for it to be injected. especially by someone without proper training.

i would also say that if you haven’t slept for four to five days, that’s playing a role in this. you are sleep deprived. i get that way, too. i’m not trying to judge. but when sleep deprived, even someone without psychosis can start to get confuddled.

with the emotion thing, it won’t turn you into a robot, no. but depot injections for me seem to come to maximum efficacy a couple of days after the injection. so, if it’s been that, then that would be further reason to think that you’re not going to turn into an emotionless robot.

i hope that helps and i wish you well in finding some peace with this and with your mum. i do think continuing to seek solid medical care is a good idea. take care.

You’re going to have a lot of difficulty doing this alone — try and find a therapist or psychotherapist. You might avoid the medicinal route if you work with someone.

i don’t do meds…sometimes i wish i did…
i am doing cbt…works really well for me
hypnotherapy took the edge off my sz stuff
high dose vitamins helps and minerals
a really good support person
a good clinical psychologist and shrink
healthy diet and excercise
understanding your triggers and limitations
acceptance of your illness
always have a plan b, so you can remove yourself from stressfull situations
get properly diagnosed so you know what you are dealing with.
take care

ok it is day 3(72 hours) since I could be injected.

The drug is starting to take effect i feel…I am not able to think through many things and my emotions have come down.

Now I am certain I have been injected…■■■■.

Like @etre said, injections have to be done into subcutaneous tissue, meaning fat. There isn’t enough fat in your feet to dothe job.
I have been getting depot shots for at least (?) 16 years (not continuously) and they have always been given in my hip/behind area. It took a few minutes to inject, because of the thickness of the liquid, and done by a nuse.
You are suggestive because of your SZ/paranoia. My shots never lasted more than 2weeks, and I always felt calmer after gettig them

Subcutaneous tissue is thickest in Buttocks , soles of feet and palms of hands. (source: Wikipedia). I feel the pinch in the sole of my feet and I fee that is where the Injection was done (in Sole of foot).

Well, sounds like you have your mind made up on what you believe, so just do what you need to do to get through this, and maybe you will think twice about going to your parents for the Xanax that your Dr won’t Rx you.

i agree with csummers that suggestibility can account for a lot, which is why i was trying to be cautious in what i said. none of what you’ve generated yourself include the signs of being injected. seriously. i didn’t give many and you haven’t supplied them. but as both csummers and i said above: it takes more than a second to inject. it’s thick and needs to be put in slowly. the scenario you describe would not leave you just with some feeling emotionally blunted. i will also note that you describe yourself as emotionally blunted but your thread start and every post thereafter doesn’t seem emotionally blunted on reading them.

getting injections makes me far MORE ABLE to think through many things. otherwise i’m obsessive and can’t think of anything but one thing, or fragmented and can’t think for ■■■■ all around.

what you’re describing does not sound like any injection i’ve had. and i’ve had prolixin ones. for a long time. and i’m currently on haldol ones. but my experience is also similar to @Csummers insofar as they only last two weeks for me.

i understand being absolutely certain of something and i’m not going to argue the point and i’m sorry you’re having some difficulties right now, but they don’t last for me for a month…not ever. and if you accept your schizophrenia diagnosis, then at least getting some further evaluation/input seems warranted, right? your mum isn’t a prescribing psychiatrist, i take it? so i still think talking to mental health professionals and getting some medical advice is a wise plan.

best wishes

I forgot to add - I could have been unaware for about 8-10 seconds…that time is enough for someone like my Mom (pathetic woman) to inject the antipsychotic.

I forgot to add - I could have been unaware for about 8-10 seconds…that time is enough for someone like my Mom (pathetic woman) to inject the antipsychotic to my feet.

I see. When is your next appointment? Are you seeing someone other than the person giving xanax to your mum for you?

well no…since I have a prescription for Xanax with me I can make it last a month of Xanax.

And no I dont plan on meeting a Pyschiatrist and do not plan on taking any more drugs (apart from the 2 week shot which I have already been injected).

I am planning on taking CBT though and starting this week.

I found CBT incredibly helpful for me with agoraphobia. It’s truly remarkable how much it helped/helps me with that, in fact. I wish you much success!