Invega Sustenna and Risperidal consta shots are deadly and poison

I was misdiagdnosed with Schitzophrenia. I had menengitus or encephelitus. I was forced to take 6 monthly shots of both. I got over 50 deadly side effects. I am dying and have been bed ridden after the second shot. I was hospitalized for 2 months and I never took any of the risperidal pills.

when I got out they had people come to my house to take pills. they finally caught me and forced shots on me. Its been over a year and I’m so sick and you can still taste the awful taste of the shot. It is a horable kind of burning feeling on my face. Its blinding me. My eyes burn worse than any kind of shampoo in your eyes, blurry and dim. I know I was poisoned by this. I look at death every day. I got severe tinnitus after the first shot… It is so loud it is driving me crazy. I am so dizzy and falling over all the time. My throat and tongue swelled up after the firts shot. I gained 70 lbs. in 6 months. I got leaky man boobs that are so sore they feel like they are being ripped from my chest. I just found out I got diabetes now. I was checked for this after the first shot and I was fine. I have 7 different kinds of mind splitting headaches that won’t go away. My whole body burned especially on the top of my head for 2 months the face burning has always stayed.

I have muscle spasems and severe shaking. my arms, feet, hands fall asleep and now mostly aleep at all times. they hurt so bad they feel like they are being sqweezed by a vise. I got severe heart burn then stomache pains that wont go away now bloody stool. I cant hardly go to the bathroom it hurts so bad. I have so many more but i am going to stop now. I am 40 and I always was skinny and never had a single health problem until i got the shot. I was a happy male with custody of 2 kids. Forced drugging is worse than Hitler would do.

They tryed to help me when I didn’t need help and the only way out of it was to get a job. I’m so sick I can’t even take care of my self. they are still forcing sertraline on me because they they think i’m depresed. I’m not depressed I’m dying them dumb f******. No one believes you you. There is no way out of this nightmare. I will die from a torturous death from all the deadly meds they are giving me. I was a good person that never stold or tryed a drug but a drug is what is killing me. They call this america, ya right!

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please spread the word.

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I certainly don’t believe you.

How can you taste something that’s injected into your arm or butt? Either you are the unluckiest(by far) patient or something’s not right with your story…

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(I’m not a medical professional, and I don’t give medical advice)

According to the national institutes of health there is a deadly syndrome that can be caused by an adverse reaction to some antipsychotics, called neuroleptic malignant syndrome:

If you have been diagnosed with something like that, I feel bad for you, and I hope you recover. :frowning:

That doesn’t make Invega poison, though. I was on it for years, and it helped me to recover from psychosis. Many useful drugs can be deadly.

Also, when I was psychotic, and first started taking Invega, I thought it was going to kill me, but it didn’t.

I hope your health improves.


(I’m not a medical professional, and I don’t give medical advice)

Also, there is no need to “spread the word” about NMS. As I recall, I read about it on the Invega side effect sheet I was given. It is also explained on

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i can give more like the rash on my back after the first shot. I never had a rash in my life.or all the hurting from getting fat . its like all your skin is being ripped . or not being able to watch tv because of severe eye pain. or how about your ears kill from every little sound now from the tinnitus. its like 50 loud chimes going off every second. how about sound being muffled now and you can’t hear anything low. tinnitus is the worst torture anybody can have no lie. I had perfect hearing before shot now I look forward to deaf. it will eventually drive me insane. do your research most people that this helps usually is from a super lose dose. everyone else mostly has severe side effects. by the way most people can be cured from a sugar pill but they don’t know it and if they don’t know it. My problem was that it was so high of dose that my body couldn’t fight it off so it took over. I just got done finishing three years in college so i’m not a retard. just weak and in pain.I could’t believe I could taste the shot either. they might put me in a group home because i can’t take care of myself. I didn’t give up trust me more pain than you would believe. i was a maintenance mechanic i was no pus* . i think there is a lot of people like me out there. most people are so bad why would they waste there time telling other people when there so sick. I believe there should be no side effects if it is a true drug. try to compare a car mechanic to a psychiatrist. would you trust a mechanic if all he did was add stuff to the gas tank without seeing or testing whats wrong. thats what pshychiatrists do. the only drug that will truly help is a antibiotic drug witch i don’t think any of them are.

Man that really sucks, this is largely a pro medication site. The drugs are the only tool in the arsenal. Your story is just ■■■■■■ and frightening. Psychotic disorders suck there is no cure. Dude, can’t tell you how bad I feel. To me it sounds like an allergic reaction of some kind, but I’m no doc. Good luck getting back on your feet.


If your experience with medication is true, it seems to be an extreme case. Not typical of 98% of the people I have met on this site since I got on here 6 years ago. Do you want us to all quit taking our meds because of your experience? I’ve heard the poison theory many times. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from taking meds with the exception of suicide. I’m not denying side effects are bad, sometimes they’re intolerable if you are on the wrong meds. But can anyone deny that since the first meds came out in the fifties that they have helped thousands of people?


Anecdotal evidence is not to be taken seriously on its own.

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Is this all self-diagnosis? If so, this sounds a bit like the person acting as their own attorney-- they have a fool for a client. While I’m not opposed to a doctor with sz, if I were as sick as you claim to be-- I’d get a second opinion.

I’ve been on both of those before, and didn’t have any side effects, of course they didn’t improve my symptoms at all either. If what you’re saying is true, then I really hope you can get off these meds. Do your doctors not see that these meds are causing all these horrible side effects? Why aren’t they taking you off them? I’m really sorry you have to go through with forced injections. I’ve had to go through the same thing for two years, got off of them, and now they are threatening to put me back on them. Why force an injection on someone when they are not violent, have not expressed violent urges, etc.? Some psychiatrists are just doing what they feel will help you, they really believe in the meds. They want to see you do better. But some of them are on a power trip. Yes, the head psychiatrist at the place I go to for help, is on a power trip. Another doctor has told me that I’m powerless. Nope. It’s my body and I’ll be non-compliant if I want to. So **** you!!!

there is few other major things I forgot. after the first shot My heart rate would go up to 190 when i’m just lying there. it would go up and back down to around 60. it would do this tons of times until I got my second shot and now it stays around 135 . it never goes below 130. . I constantly can feel my heart beat everywhere. i never ever felt my heart rate anywhere before. it drives you nuts. also after the first shot my nose plugged up and i couldn’t breath. I’m use to it now but now I breath in and out twice as much to make up for lost breath. I smoked for the last 20 years and i quit cold turkey the next day after the shot… I was the quietest person and layed back and calm. Now my hands sweat because my nerves are all shot from all the pain. a human body can’t take this.The psychiatrist let me go through all of this and didn’t care about any of it and wouldn’t stop the shots. I wouldn’t even prescribe these shots to a murderer. I believe there should be some sort of law that if a person complains about it it should be stopped.

to nick 77
you were saying that the only people you heard of dying from this. you haven’t done your home work. i found over 100. on the web. You said you only heard of suicide. You know why, there is people like me that’s why. I’m just to chicken to do it. I also have kids. trust me every day is torture and gets worse day by day. my usual sleep for the last 40 years was 7 hours a day. after the second shot i was sleeping 10 hours i never slept that long in my life. now i get 2 to 3 hours a day and no more from the pain. The only thing i look forward to is sleep. every day i wake up crinched in a ball in pain. with the pain, tinnitus, and feeling your heart beat you only go to bed when your body lets you. trusts me no more time schedule.

I want to let every one out there if the drug is helping you more power to ya its your life. I’m just letting people know the drug does harm people. I just want the people to know that there shouldn’t be forced drugging in America.

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Sure, I realized I was less than sympathetic. What happen to you is unfortunate and too bad. So I sympathize. I think part of the reason some people advocate forced medication is to prevent tragedies like the theater shootings or school shootings. But hey, I was in your shoes at one time, but not as drastic or dramatic. When I first got sick when I was 19 in 1980 and I was put in my first psyche ward, I refused medication. The staff basically blackmailed me into taking it with a veiled threat of kicking me out if I didn’t take it. I held out for a week before I caved in and took some. And I immediately changed dramatically and I believed it changed my personality and caused my psychosis. But after a week of taking it in the hospital I was released directly into a world famous experimental house for schizophrenics where they didn’t believe in taking medication. It was called Soteria House. I won’t get into the whole story but I stayed there a year when I was 20 years old and had full blown schizophrenia and I was not medicated. I suffered tremendously and it did not help me at all. From there I was put in a locked psychiatric hospital for 8 months and given medication. I suffered there too but by the time I was released I could handle being put in a VERY nice group home, still on medication. 9 months later I got a job and I’ve been almost steadily employed since. Can you see where I might think medication is good? I can’t deny your experience and it’s tragic for you to suffer both physically AND mentally. I can see where you’re coming from with your attitude about medication. Heck, if I went through what you’re going through I would probably feel the same way. But after trying three times to go off of my medication on purpose and one time just recently on accident and coming close to relapsing each time I am convinced that AP medication is right for me. And after reading about how many people it has helped I would say it is a good thing and I can wholeheartedly see why doctors prescribe it. Like I said before, your case just seems like an extreme experience.

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Out of curiosity I read up on menengitus and encephelitus and a great many of the symptoms you cite are symptoms of those diseases and aren’t listed as side effects of these drugs. Weight gain, man boobs and diabetic type symptoms sound plausibly caused by the medication. I’d try to direct your anger toward getting proper treatment rather than lashing out against the drugs themselves.

This is not the place to change the policy of doctors!!. We can sympathize but there is nothing we can do for you. Call a lawyer and sue those who did you wrong. There are psychiatric survivor, anti medication sites you should visit.
Please get a second and third opinion from different doctors.

Sorry you were misdiagnosed. Forgive those who were ignorant and prove them wrong and live a happy life. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


responding to nick 77. My head hurt for over a year. It hurt just when yo touched the hair area. I couldn’t where sunglasses or a hat. The only time it hurt is just when you touched it. I also was tired all the time. Thats why I think I had meninjitus or encephelitus.

Almost everyone knows that prescription drugs are dangerous and have side effects. That is why you need a prescription to get them. Being dangerous and having side effects does not make a drug a ‘poison.’ It often just makes it a ‘prescription drug.’

I feel bad about your situation, and I hope that your health improves. :frowning: