Please help long does Antipsychotic Depot last?

I am now pretty much sure that I was injected with Antipsychotic Depot and mostly Risperidone and I think I was injected with a very large dose.

Few things I have observed:-

  1. I have lost lots of memory…Memories of my wife.
  2. Gained weight.
  3. Lost sex drive
  4. Seen boobs developing in my chest.

I am 100% sure that those scums (my parents) have managed to inject me with a heavy dose of Risperidone.

I was injected on 5 Jan 2014…

Few questions:-

  1. How long does this Dose last ??

  2. Also I am seeing the effects of thie drug more pronounced from this week.

  3. Also is there any possible way (medical test) to verify that the drug is in your body??
    Please help me


We’ve covered this already - see here:

yes but I am seeing the effects of the medicine…

  1. Loss of memory.
  2. Unable to think through…I deal with technical stuff and need deep thinking…the medicine is preventing me to think.
  3. Weight gain.
  4. Boobs like thing coming up in my chest.

join the club. most everyone who takes the shot suffers.

When they injected me with a Prolixin depot it lasted over six months. They really loaded up on the dose they gave me. If they hadn’t given me such a large dose I don’t think it would have lasted as long.

6 months?

Can you confirm this?.

Look this is not a JOKE

CAN THE MEDIICNE last for 6 months ???

No AP Depots do not last for 6 months.

its 14 days now and no sign of reducing of the effects of the medicine.

I read it online it should last for a maximum of 5 weeks…Is that correct?.

To my knowledge the respiradone consta lasts for 2 weeks (maybe 4 but not sure of that). Surely you would know if you have been injected - I mean even if you were asleep you would wake up cos these shots hurt.

Please don’t get angry at me but could I try to offer an alternative theory. If you are feeling that people are wanting to give you antipsychotics it follows that these people must think you are acting a bit psychoticly. With this can come delusions - such as a dwlusion that people are trying to drug you without you knowing.

But I say this purely for the reason that where I live it is very against the law to give people injections without their consent. Don’t know where you live so can’t talk for you.

the place where i live (India) there is NO LAW.

Only 1 law = Money

I’m sorry I logged off the internet before you had a chance to respond. I have no concrete data about this, but it sure seemed like it was at least that long before the Prolixin left my system. However, they gave me a giant dose of the Prolixin decoate. They injected me with it every morning for a least a week. Then they quit giving it to me, and I went med free. After at least six months I started to hallucinate.

today is day 22 and still I feel only partially better.

My guess is 4 weeks for the effects of Prolixin Depot ?..

I’m pretty sure you were not given Prolixin. One person’s experience may not be someone else’s.

It might not have taken 6 months for the Prolixin to leave my system. That is just how long it took for me to start to hallucinate. I felt much better after not receiving Prolixin decoate about a month or two after they quit giving it to me.

Feeling better now…Today is day 23. My mind is beginning to be clearer.

Hopefully it would stay this way and I will not visit my parent’s place and let me see if I am able to function well in life.

Will consult a Therapist though.

Today is day 26.

it is getting better with each day.

Now suppose I feel good psychologically the only concern for me is that this Delusion could rise again once I visit my parents place.

Most of the negative symptons were present about 1-2 weeks back but now they have seem to have gone away.