Please help! Extreme anhedonia suicidal

Hi, I have brought this up numerous times on this forum. My anhedonic depression got so bad to the point I no longer enjoy anything. I would rather die than live with this torture. Please, please let me know what has worked for your severe anhedonic depression to the point you can feel some pleasure. I used to use L-tyrosine and it worked wonderfully for a while for anhedonia but now it is not as effective which is making me freaking out. All I need is some relief. I think it’s a dopamine problem as it responded well to the L-tyrosine the precursor to dopamine. I was also tested and came up with little dopamine production. That is why SNRIs, SSRIs and antipsychotics which block dopamine don’t work. I have tried Wellbutrin and Modafinil but both were hopeless. Please help. The thought of living with this forever terrifies me.

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@Sapphirarose , have you tried any of the tricyclic antidepressants or the MAOI antidepressants?

Also, have you tried Omega 3 fish oil and mindfulness meditation?

How about spirituality with a Higher Power?

Hey just to put it out there, I’ve tried this supplement called lions mane, it helps me a lot.

It’s basically a mushroom, but it comes in pills and powder.

I still have negatives, but it lets me think clearly and let’s me see and enjoy good things in life.

I think it is considered as a tricyclic anti depressants. It levels neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.


Green tea gives me a good feeling of contentment. I make a pot before I go to bed, and I drink it the next morning. Green tea is what they get L-theanine from. The good feeling lasts about two hours, but I don’t think I have had a really bad day since I started drinking green tea.


I have tried various methods of therapy, biofeedback and neurofeedback. Neurofeedback worked for me the process is both meditative and relaxing, where I was able to see the signals my brain and biorhythms were producing as colorful splashes on a screen like artwork. I tried this with a dietician and therapist. Not sure if she’s still doing this but I could look it up or find some resource info. the other is TMS or transcranial stimulation but I do not know much about it. Its like non-invasive electroshock where they use magnets to stimulate areas of the brain I dont know its effectiveness or if that would help boost or make ur brain able to produce more chemicals…I know also that Abilify is dopamine agonist so it helps stimulate and produce dopamine and regulate it unlike all the other anti-pscychotics which might be why its the only one that ever worked for me.

I tried pretty much all the ssris snd ssnis and then i found trimipramine and amitryptiline both are older type tryclic antidepressants anyway they helped me good luck x

Check for infections like syphilis is well know to cause brain damage and often shows no symptoms

I had severe depression for years. At one time I basically was in the bed for 2 straight years. Nothing helped. I tried to kill myself many times. I felt like I was in the bottom of a well and no one could get to me to help me out. I tried all kinds of medicines but none would treat my depression. Finally I started taking the meds I am on now and I’m out of the bed and feeling good again and trying to go back to work. The last med they added was an SSNRI called Cymbalta. I take the max dose of 120 mg a day. It really helps with my pain and anxiety as well as my depression. I can’t say enough good things about it, Cymbalta may not be your wonder drug like it is for me, but the point is don’t give up. You tried 2 meds, I tried 10 at least before I found the combination that worked for me. Keep trying till you find one that works,


We have corresponded a bit, and I really think you should try a MAO-inhibitor. You sound depressed more than anhedonic.

I don’t react to SSRI SNRI or other antidepressant drugs either as you know.

I can function and experience joy on MAOi - but I still have bad days, it’s no cure.

Don’t do something foolish before you try a MAOi.

Or you could be one of those who have a good response to Lithium?

Good luck, there is still hope.

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Have you checked your thyroid, vitamin d and b12 levels? these should be in optimal range especially thyroid. Since you found that l tyrosine helped you in the past shows you have some thyroid issue as thyroid hormones (thyroxine) are used by body to produce tyrosine. So i strongly suggest you to check your thyroid level. get the actual values especial TSH. Ideally it should remain within 1.5. Anything above that shows some kind of hypothyroid issue. Its easy to correct too so get it checked by your doctor. Concerning vitamin D. the value should remain at least 50 and for b12 ideally at least 500.

Escitalopram used to help me A LOT.

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