Did anyone got rid of their anhedonia? If yes which meds or supplements actually helped?

My anhedonia is now at the point that I am thinking of ending my existence. Now on clozapine and abify 2.5 mg.

Tried NAC 600mg, L theanine, Wellbutrin even amisulpride.
None helped a bit.

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I was in the same position.
Now I enjoy music, books, life

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I improved my anhedonia by 50% (improved feelings of pleasure).
Took years and many different (and risky) supplements. Not sure which one worked the best.

Cogentin helped a bit. Anything that increases dopamine in a safe way. It takes years to over come this if you get it bad.

I still struggle with cognitive decline and lack of energy and drive. I feel enough pleasure. Too much pleasure and you get hypomania.

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Abilify 5mg is often used as an antidepressant. Maybe ask your doctor if you could go up to 5mg?

I take my antidepressant, which helped to get rid of anhedonia. But I’m still really depressed.

CBT and therapy are what helped me learn to function on lower doses of APs. As my APs reduced, so did my negative symptoms somewhat. More manageable. The CBT and therapy also help with the negs quite a bit.

I improved anhedonia and negative symptoms using a supplement that raises dopamine. Its called Mucuna Pruriens. Make sure it has the most L-Dopa but if you overdose and take too much it might worsen positive symptoms/psychosis.

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Also having supportive friends and family helped me. Be as much social as you can, it helps.


Some days I have anhedonia Some days I haven’t. The only advice I will give you is to grow older I’ve improved using meds. for the positives. The negatives sometimes are a burden. So stay brave and wait for better days.

I used to take 5mg earlier but I reduced it to 2.5 as it didn’t do much and I am not a fan of taking psychiatric medicines without any significant benefits.

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I am thinking of trying Pramipexole. What are your thoughts about it. There isn’t much info about it on the internet.

What did you take that helped.

Nothing. It was the right time, i guess


I take adhd medications. They help some. I can relate. They aren’t really the ultimate solution, but they are something.

Sarcosine helped me a lot

Which ones? I took an apt with my Dr to ask about Ritalin.

My annhedonia came with my depression. When I became confirmed and started reading a lot of very old religious books, my depression disappeared and then, so did my annhedonia.

I haven’t been depressed now in over 16 years.


How many years?

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Quite a few. I still struggle with motivation, which is a bigger issue. That and attention but mainly focusing.

Therapy helped mitigate much of mine.