Please dont erase before read

I didn’t mean to put this for a public view, but having no other option i can only hope that this way is even better, so here goes my sincere apology to @MrSquirrel.
For acting rather childish, stupid and disrespectful. It is actually not even close to what i really think about your work here.
To clean this mess with such perfection and to do it voluntary… That is big and we all know it. Im so sorry for making it less enjoyable…and valuable…than it really is.

No matter how big the crime is, when asked for forgiveness, one should at least think about it?

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Hey There Sarad ,

I Know It’s Probs None Of My Bizzness ,

But What Happened ,

Curiosity Killed Tha Cat I Suppose …

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You’re a good guy @sleepoptimistic
I blew it, that’s what happened.

I hope you are o k sarad…you seem so nice. stop blowing it with pixel !!

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It seems he is disgusted of me. But people can change, don’t you think?

don’t take it to heart…he’s probably just busy…I have pity in my heart for you and your plight with heroin…I can’t imagine your pain. Please stop the heroin pills sarad…you and your son deserve a better life.

Best thing to do is show him. Even if he chooses not to reply here, he’ll see this and see how you’re behaving.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Yes ,

Tha Answer Is Yes ,

People , / YOU / Can Change ,

Jus Remember As One Fyndes Oneself Within Such ,

Now Is Tha Maze Of Choices ,

To Be Yourself , Able To Forgive “stupidity” and Search For What it Is You Are Trying To Escape From …

Soz For Tha Double Post Guys / Gals ,

Sarad ,

Jus Remember We ALL Make Mistakes ,

Some Of Us More Than Others ,

and Thee Equality Of Such A Nature Is WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES Either Or … ,

So Sometimes Our Realization Of A Creativity Hindered Lifestyle Can Hurt Us ,

Sometimes As Some Musicians In Our Collective Past ,

Lost Everything ,

and Yes , Even Their Life ,

Which Is Sad Cause I Would Have Loved To hear Some more Albums ,

and On A More Gradual Simplistic Tipping Point ,

Your Friends Would Have Loved One More AT LEAST One More Conversation ,

We All Are Important Within Thus 3 Dimensional Realm Of Weirdness ,

Jus Never Let Go Of Your Natural Clean heart ,

As One Stretches Backwards Into Their PERSONAL Moments Of Their Past ,

One Will Be Able To Look Around and Notice Tha Beauty ,

Tha Truth To Who They Really Are ,

Underneath All Of Tha Nonsense ,

So Don’t Give Up On Yourself ,

Cause ,

Well ,

How Do I Saye Thus (???) ,


and As Such ,

Be Proud Of What You Have Earned Within Truth ,

You Will Fynde , That , You Are Stronger Then You Even Know …

: )

Fo Reel Tho (!!!)

Sara - the issue here is never about apologies or misbehavior. The issue here is that we’re trying to do the best for all our users who are suffering from sz or psychosis and who want support and / or help on the road to recovery.

Given that it doesn’t seem you suffer from either sz or psychosis, and don’t seem very involved in recovery or support type discussions (of the type that we’re used to) its not really too clear to us why you’re here, other than for entertainment’s sake.

If you’re suffering from bipolar and addiction issues - there are a lot better forums for you than this one.

Just to clarify, you are ascribing more authority to me than I actually have. Any posting suspensions I hand out range from 2 - 7 days. In each case I make sure @SzAdmin knows who was suspended and the reason (we have a private area for this). I also tend to let him know what posts I’m removing and why I removed them. Anything I do can be seen by SzAdmin in the system logs and undone with a couple of clicks if I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to.

Your 30 day posting ban wasn’t me. You may want to direct your comments to the forum Admin instead.

Volunteer moderator.

It’s not about the ban. It’s about afterban pm. And few other things.

I’ve not sent you an after ban PM. Have been giving you a wide berth. I am not privy to PMs you have received from others nor do I wish to be.

As I’ve had no direct contact with you since you returned, I am at a loss as to what these other things could be. I had to remove inappropriate posts from threads you were involved in, but didn’t touch your posts. Once again suggesting you direct your concerns to @SzAdmin.

(Wearing moderator hat)

But that is your opinion as a moderator. What the member says?

( sorry. Just this one and I’m out)

My opinion is that you come with more baggage than I signed up to carry. Anytime I see a red notification popping up next to your username I’m clicking the DEFER button and sending the problem upstairs.

I refuse to get dragged into this drama.

(Throwing moderator hat into the corner)

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