Forgive people on this site

im sometimes not in my right mind, having this illness, and others are the same. so be forgiving.


Can i borrow your thread to say the same?
Forgive, people, for my stupidity and craziness. :pray:


I always forgive you, my little parakeet

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I don’t believe I’ve had to ask for anybody’s forgiveness just yet…guess I’m on a good streak with my Sz.

But when it comes to threatening female posters, I find it hard to forgive and forget. I’ll remember this danddolo dude when he returns and keep an eye on him.

yeah thats an exception here

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I’m trying to forgive @SoitGoes, @petester, and @Dreamscape. I risk my life every day and than I come on here and get treated like a chump.

There’s a saying where I come from ‘forgive but never forget’. there is some truth and untruth in all these philosophies , what’s right in one scenario may not always be right , each to their own , each situation is different.

Not sure what you are referring to, 77nick77…?

Dude I think you’re the bomb. I hope your kidding.

They know. Not all the time though.

On the thread the other day, I guess you were drunk and you made me look like nothing in front of Sarad. You think I’m the bomb? OK, then all is forgiven.

Whaaat? When was that?
(Nick, you are just :two_hearts: )

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Sarad can you stop violating community guidelines?

Oh, my thread. Yes he was drunk as ■■■■. Let’s hope.

How do you mean?

cuz i dont think you’re allowed to be that cute

Lol i had to… i just had to.

Lol man, you want me to get a stroke?!
“What have i done now :scream_cat:

that was my intention yes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, really? I lap stuff like that up.