Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo?

What is your favorite console and why?

Nintendo. It is family friendly.

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I like Nintendo but pc is best

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+1 PC better and faster graphics but more expensive :money_with_wings:

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My brother can’t live without his PS4 and Fifa.
He’s not geeky enough to like PCs in my opinion.

PC. I feel like its gonna be really hard to go back to consoles. Nintendo is the only company that has games I want to play that aren’t on PC. But they make their hardware so low powered that I’m not sure I’d enjoy using it. Watching people play games made specifically for it and seeing the game have a hard time keeping up with it is just baffling to me.

PlayStation mainly cause bloodborne exists.

Xbox because the mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim are really good on Xbox. Nintendo Switch is also good.

PlayStation. I played all 3 when I was younger but the PlayStation stayed with me the longest. I couldn’t get enough of it.

PC all the way. But always had one or more consoles. I could live without nintendo. Playstation or XBox I don’t like one more over the other. Sold last PS4 couple years ago. Currently having fat XBox One and XBox 360 E.

While being poor, I think these are the last consoles I will ever own.

PlayStation. But I am a fan of Nintendo too.

I was Playstation until PS2, then I got an Xbox Original when the PS2 broke, with Xbox Live, and that introduced me to online gaming.

Never looked back

My gaming days are over now

For some reason I cannot keep my concentration up enough, and lose interest. I hate online shooters now, as I just get killed by 5 year olds who play all day.

I like RTS games on the PC, but again I cannot focus on them

Shame. This next generation of consoles I will not be purchasing :-/

I think the popular systems in order were Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox 360, and then this gen they seem about equal. I’m going with Xbox even though I went PS4 this last gen. My Xbox One X looks great on my 4K TV with HDR. My launch-edition PS4’s colors are all washed out compared to the bright vibrance of the Xbox One X. I guess I could have gotten a PS4 Pro but I like being able to play my old 360 games on the One, and soon the Series X. I will probably beat FF13: Lightning Returns on the Series X before I get down to the newer titles.

If PS5 allowed you to play PS3 games, it would be a different story.

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I’ve had PCs all my life but I honestly prefer my PlayStation. If I can get the game on my PlayStation, I leave my PC in a corner gathering dust. Yes it’s faster and you can get better graphics, but setting a PC game up for use on a TV with a controller is a hassle and often the PC version isn’t designed for it, and playing a game on a TV with a controller is just a much better experience overall. Even if the graphics and framerates suffer a little.

I don’t really like Nintendo games and Xbox is too fringey.

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I want a pc but it’s expensive

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