Why… are you closing topics that are awesome? the jesus thread… why?! it sucks.

Mommy, I smell Troll-House Cookies burning again.


There is kind of a push to not allow religiously themed threads. Or threads by pans disease apparently.

They do typically allow the conversation to play out before they let it sink.

There has been a long history of religious threads being closed. Don’t take it personally.


“all we’ve done is awakened a sleeping giant” captain on the victory at Pearl Harbor.

Pixel is cool, just doing his job.

All in the name of atheism I say lol


Is and always has been the rule here of not posting on religion or talk of suicide and why the posts have been closed SoltGoes

The thread resulted in a number of user flags and some deleted posts because of name calling. Locked it down to cool things down.

(Wearing moderator hat)

we should… stand up to this

Seemed like a nice open discussion but whatever I’m not in charge lol

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there was NO namecalling-not in a negative sense.

You said a few things you aint all dat

only in a “hey, pay me attention” sense… not in a negative ■■■■■■■ sense

and you, who answered on it, would know that

You said f u tou katwomen and thats blasphemy doufhball lol

Signing off my brain is fried good minght

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I think the neighbors are cooking them too.

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lol, you are my new friend…of HELL! (im kidding) the hell thing, not the friend thing, cous the friend thing i take… seriously

You said:

■■■■ you, i know christ pretty close up

Clearly negative and an attack on another poster. Also in violation of forum guidelines:

It is our policy to warn anyone showing flagrant disrespect e.g., foul language, and to delete their disrespectful posting.

…which can be found here:

(Wearing moderator hat.)

All these so called guide lines are so blan you can make them apply to anything you personally dont like what a load of ■■■■■■■■