He was asked to tone down negative and suicide theme posts. He didn’t and was given a 2 day suspension as a cooling down period. He came back 2 days later and hosed negativity everywhere. Kind of riled things up. That’s why the spate of lockdowns. I try not to go crazy with thread locking.

(Wearing moderator hat)


Your a good mod. You’ve been very busy it seems.

Thanks for giving me insight on the sitch.

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Just to be clear…

  1. I didn’t make the rules. Indeed, I’m not the owner of this community nor do I have any claim to it other than being a longtime user.
  2. You are correct that the guidelines are bland. This is a forum for those dealing with schizophrenia. While I generally dislike the notion of ‘triggers’, I’ve learned that’s a real concern here. That’s why we try to dial back the religious discussions and other very negative things. We have so much negative in our lives already that positives are badly needed. If you can’t have positive, bland is a good compromise.
  3. I am a volunteer moderator. I was asked to take on the role and I said I would because I feel it’s important to have representation here by someone who lives with this condition. I receive no financial consideration for doing this.
  4. I’m not trying to shut down people I disagree with. I am simply trying to do the job I was asked to do by someone I respect as best I’m able to. If anyone at any time thinks I’m overstepping, let @SzAdmin know what, why, and where and he’ll deal with it as he’s the boss here.

That’s the skinny on my job here. Hope it helps with understanding how I’m trying to fulfill my role.

(Wearing moderator hat)

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Yay for @velociraptor (wearing moderator hat) !!!
Good job as always,
and of course,
Thank You !
for doing the "dirty work,
keeping this site clean!

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Screw pixel. He locked my stuff

He locks lots of CRAP… Even banned kellie for 24 hours… And she’s a ■■■■■■■ sweetheart.

Dont take it personal noob… There will be times when you’re glad he swoops in.

Lol I’ll consider that

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Its in the guidelines - please review them if you haven’t lately:

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