Pimavanserin for Negative symptoms

Has anyone tried this med off label? It’s being studied currently to see its effect on negative symptoms but it has some good results so far

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Interesting article. It would be helpful for so many to have an effective treatment.

It feels like people focus too heavily on positive symptoms, so it’s nice to see some focus and efforts in the area of negatives.

Hopefully it will be soon that they can see if this can be replicated in other studies.

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Thank you! I appreciate the warm welcome

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Yeah it’s nice to see more focus being put on to the negative symptoms. this is the second drug I’ve come across that’s being studied for negatives specifically

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There’s KarXT too, its currently in clinical trials phase 3.

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I don’t see where karXT is listed as targeting negative symptoms. Do you have any links?

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I must say that I never have found a meds. that really had a big impact on my negatives. The new drugs must show some results on the negative symptoms before I choose to try theme.

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The drug is already approved for parkinsons psychosis. So this means ppl could technically get a prescription for it through a doctor script or something. Anyone wanna try?

From GoodRX monograph:

This is a limited distribution drug and is generally not available at a pharmacy.

This drug is only available at select specialty pharmacies, which usually means:

  • It may be expensive.
  • You cannot fill this in a regular pharmacy.
  • This drug has a complex regimen to manage.

Patients in need of this drug may have the cost paid by an insurance company, government, or non-profit organization. If you are uninsured or need help with your co-pay, the manufacturer may also offer assistance.
From a news account, Each 34mg pill is $106, or $3000+ a month. There is also a 10 mg. pill.
I suspect insurance would only cover for Parkinson’s Disease.