Picked up metamucil

It is usually used for constipation but is also used for more fiber in general. It also aids in weight loss. Can be taken 3 times a day. Not super tasty but I just chug it so I don’t really notice. Word for the wise…don’t put it in a smoothie. Horrifyingly disgusting.


Good luck with it!
I may try using it myself.


I also checked to see if it was okay with my meds and they just say to take while before or after.


It makes my stomach flatter


It’s good stuff I reckon.

I can’t afford it at the moment because I have other expenses but I have tried it.

Good for you that you are on Metamucil.

A pharmacist recommended it to me a few years ago.

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I picked up the store brand for substantially less

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If you can’t handle the Metamucil being icky long-term, it also comes in caplets. I take four Citrucel caplets a day because of Zyprexa-induced constipation and it works very well! There is aspartame in Metamucil and I am allergic to it, so I have to stick with Citrucel. Same idea though.

It gets “gelly” quickly, so imagine it ruined your smoothie!

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I love it, I take it nearly everyday for 2 years.

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