Personality Disorders

Personality Disorder My score Average
Paranoid 73% 50%
Schizoid 66% 40%
Schizotypal 78% 56%
Antisocial 72% 46%
Borderline 69% 45%
Histrionic 52% 52%
Narcissistic 61% 40%
Avoidant 73% 48%
Dependent 55% 44%
Obsessive-Compulsive 59% 45%

I am sicker than the average person in everything… feels bad man

Despite that, got some cool job suggestions

careers that might interest someone with your personality…

philosophy professor, novelist, poet, philosopher, bookseller, author, bookstore owner, freelance artist, professor of english, freelance writer, museum curator, playwright, anthropologist, art historian, artist, research scientist, archeologist, egyptologist, researcher, art curator, songwriter, comic book artist, screenwriter, composer, book editor, musician, scholar, historian, theologian, research psychologist, school psychologist, library assistant, part of non profit sector, paleontologist, cartoonist, astronomer, painter, english teacher, theater technician, illustrator, environmentalist, music therapist, publisher, psychotherapist, history professor, ecologist, psychoanalyst, curator, clinical psychologist, psychologist, video game designer, wildlife biologist, scientist, art teacher, photo journalist, activist, drummer, librarian, cinematographer, music journalist, graphic artist, travel writer, filmmaker, music educator, child psychologist, marine biologist, editor, art director, zoologist, art education, research assistant, botanist, professional college student! forensic anthropologist


whats a split personality ?


“assassin, spy, mercenary”?!? That’s too funny. OMG

Disorder Result
ParanoidDisorder Very High
SchizoidDisorder High
SchizotypalDisorder Very High
AntisocialDisorder Moderate
BorderlineDisorder Very High
HistrionicDisorder High
NarcissisticDisorder Very High
AvoidantDisorder High
DependentDisorder Low
Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder Very High
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