Personality Disorders


Ooooh pastry chef sounds excellent! Or zookeeper :joy_cat:


The questions for the Similar minds test are quite frankly ridiculous. What is the link to the one that scores you low/moderate/high etc ?


Found it!

ParanoidDisorder | Moderate
SchizoidDisorder | Moderate
SchizotypalDisorder | High
AntisocialDisorder | Moderate
BorderlineDisorder | Moderate
HistrionicDisorder | Low
NarcissisticDisorder | Low
AvoidantDisorder | High
DependentDisorder | Low
Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder | Moderate

URL of the test:
URL for more info:


The 4 degree one seems fixed to give you ‘moderate’ for antisocial even if you don’t answer in a way that indicates you’re antisocial. It’s kind of strange that all of us who have done that test are moderately antisocial. Avoidant and schizotypal as the highest scores for me makes sense,especially avoidant.


what are the questions?


I checked every antisocial question I saw and got moderate. It seems to be broken. When you click the more information button, it takes you to the schizotypal page. But the sheer amount of ASPD questions makes it pretty suspicious that this one dimension is broken.

Disorder Result
ParanoidDisorder Low
SchizoidDisorder High
SchizotypalDisorder Moderate
AntisocialDisorder Moderate
BorderlineDisorder Low
HistrionicDisorder High
NarcissisticDisorder Very High
AvoidantDisorder Low
DependentDisorder Low
Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder Low

PS: This is not my profile. I did not answer the questions honestly. It was just to see if the ASPD dimension was broken.


just took the similarminds all in one


What the everloving f… Our career suggestions are identical.


i know hey, and such narrow limited choices! :smile:


Let’s go into business together! We can be a bounty-hunting, book-editing team! With a sideline in microbiology.


fantastic, i may as well become an international spy that directs films for our bounty-hunting book editing team.

or heck i may as well be a dictator or an assassin :joy::joy:


Forest ranger sounds like a decent way to fill the down months…


I kinda wonder what my alters results would be :thinking:

Tbh im just surprised I scored so low in paranoid lol


This is eerie. I studied (and failed) engineering, but did enjoy parts. Then I studied computer programming.

Does anyone know of any openings as an assassin? I might consider a change of profession. :male_detective: :dagger:


Your in luck, Me and @Rhubot s book editing bounty hunting club is having an internship for assassins this month :blush:



Don’t need to take this test, I already know I’m a narcissist :smiley:


When I saw that there were 60 questions I immediately clicked off.

What does that say about my personality?


Ambiguous at this point.


In this one I had different results but more similar to the real tests: