Perfectionists are destructive

Because you can practically destroy yourself trying to please one. They are never happy. Their perfectionism turns on them as well.


There’s perfectionism

Then there’s striving for excellence.


I’m the upper set of a perfectionist I accept my handicaps and limitations.

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I don’t quite understand you. What do you mean by “the upper set”?

The directly opposite of a perfectionist full of signs on my illness and there by full of limitations.

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I’m a perfectionist and it blows.

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What do you mean by “blows”?

It sucks, or it’s bad.

Eh I think I have perfectionist tendencies but I think of them trying to self improve. I also have considered myself a people pleaser and at least not currently at all selfish idk

Edit: also I blame OCD I got from my dad xD

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[ shrugs and resumes the quest for the perfect photo ]



What’s a perfect ionist anyway?

Some kind of a mad chemist?


It’s a difference in focus. A perfectionist fears the power of failure while those striving for excellence work through their mistakes.

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Yes those striving for excellence also try to learn from their mistakes

And not repeat them.

When I was working at the piano, the key word was repetition. I would practice until I could practically play the piece in my sleep. It worked.

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I hope you still get to play @pretzel

I’m talking about not repeating mistakes when that’s a possibility.

But yea some mistakes have to be repeated hundreds of times before the mistake goes.

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