People with schizophrenia 2nd highest risk group for covid death

Here’s an interesting article I ran across about schizophrenia and covid. Basically for some reason people with schizophrenia our T cells don’t respond to the virus the same way normal peoples do. Basically we’re second in covid deaths next to old poeple.


In that case it might be risky to take the covidvaccine.

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Yeah I was thinking that too. That people with schizophrenia might react differently do the vaccine. I don’t want to discourage anyone from getting it though.

As for me I’ll take my chances and get the vaccine. My step sister got it and it made her sick but she recovered quickly.

Thankfully my blood type (o-) seems to be the least effected when they get the virus.

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I had covid19 back in September, I am healthy and alive now.


I may of had it too. Except when I got sick it was early on and I couldn’t get a test. I got a flu shot in October and I got sick in January and March of last year. I had close contact with someone that died from it. I was warned by my doctor not to go to the hospital unless absolutely necessary.


I have no way of knowing if I had covid19 Jan 10th because I would have been one of the first in 2020 to have it, and there were no tests available. I lost my sense of taste and smell, had body aches. All my senses returned. I have read the opposite from research too. Take everything with a grain of salt. It’s possible some of us have mutations that protect us in the same way the T-cells weaken the immune system, some of us have immunities because of the T-cells and resistance. I do not know if I am high risk of not, though. My T-cells cause me an inflammatory skin disease already which I am fighting with antibiotics. I was going to go on a immunosuppressant humira but I am prob, not going to because of the risk factors. I also think I am at risk for brain cancer. I have had dizzy spells also since January. I was getting dizzy spells leading up to covid19 and even passed out once out of the blue and then they went away.

I also got the flu shot and have not gotten the flu since then. I am probably going to try and get a vaccine. I wonder if it will help me get a vaccine that I am a risk category because I had no idea that I was more at risk. But I have completely been avoiding social situations as much as possible and my entire extended family is being extra careful social distancing, wearing masks, frequent tests before visiting each other and sanitization.

Maybe we should be higher on the list to get vaccinated then.


I read that sz/sza’s are the second most likely group to die from Covid. Right behind 65 and older. And yes, we should be prioritized.

I’m 71 years old with most of my addictions in remission. I’ve been in the hospital involuntarily for schizophrenia several times. My COPD is moderate to severe.

I can’t wait to get vaccinated.


people diagnosed with schizophrenia were 2.7 times more likely to die from COVID-19

In comparison, risks of dying from COVID-19 were about 3.9 times higher for people between 45-54, about 7.8 times higher for those between 55-64, about 16.5 times higher for individuals between 65-74 and about 35.7 times higher for adults older than 75 — a risk that doubled every 10 years of age.

And people don’t care. They just want to get rid of us.

Some want to get rid of us, that’s true. I come from a powerful family, and my family wants schizophrenics to get great treatment, however.

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