COVID and schizophrenia

Have any of you heard of schizophrenics that have died of COVID?

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No, but I don’t know many, if any, schizophrenics outside of this forum. I’m sure it’s happened though, schizophrenics dying from Covid.

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We aren’t superhumans lol we can die from covid.


From what I’ve read, our chances of dying from COVID are greater because of schizophrenia.


I’ve heard that too @77nick77

Does anyone know of a forum member that died of COVID?

I’m very worried about one older member who went quiet just as a wave swept through where he lived. :frowning:


dont say the C word!!!

I cant even say anything anymore…“SHUT UP!!!” the voices might as well be my parents…

Im done. Im done taking care of my mom. Im done with this bs. Im done checking on her every 2 hours making meals…he can move back in cuz IM OUT!

Drs refuse to treat schizophrenics. That’s why they die.I know because of how many times it happened to me. I hate to fight for treatment and I’m the end it always turned out I really was very ill and in need of treatment. Often, I needed emergency treatment. I have to bring my husband with me to back me up in order for me to get treated.


I haven’t got the vaccine for covid because if I die, I die.

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That’s so sad @ZmaGal
A few times the ER doctors and staff treated me like dirt when my diagnosis was Schizoaffective

One doctor threatened to kick me out of the hospital once he found out about my diagnosis.

It’s a real disgrace that this kind of crap is happening in the 21st century!


The drs always get a psychiatrist when I’m in excruciating pain or ill. They think I’m being a trouble maker and it’s all mental illness. One time they could see on the ultrasound I had fluid in my abdomen and that my ovary had twisted on itself. I was moaning in pain and they kept yelling at me for it and telling me I’d be discharged. Another dr overheard and took me into surgery. The fluid was blood. My ovary had completely twisted and was black and necrotic. If they had sent me home I would have died


I’m scared to visit the ER because of the way I’ve seen them treat schizophrenic patients. I’ve thought about going to the ER because I have headaches and difficulty thinking (not sure if it’s related to schizophrenia) but I have the image burnt in my mind how the ER people were very dismissive to a schizophrenic patient’s needs and treated her less than just because she had silly delusions.


Go to the ER but make sure that a normie comes with you.
In my case my brother was with me a few times.
Who knows what would’ve happened if I was by myself.

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