People think I'm screwing with others

My bf banged on our door I assumed he wanted me to open the door. Started yelling. Then the people upstairs are gonna say the reason he screamed was some one was in our apt. No. I was yelled at by an ■■■■■■■

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Looks like I won’t be having dinner tonight.

It’s usually whore or ho iget called. I thought about bashing my head in with a hammer

Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. If you’re that upset, you should call the crisis line or go to the ER or something.

I’m probably going to crisis which won’t do me any good

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Why do you think that?

It’s only a four yo five days. Plus the workers there talk about me idk

Are you sure they talk about you? Could it be the paranoia instead? Maybe this time would be different. You need to get some help if you’re thinking about hurting yourself.

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I can’t take a shower because I ■■■■ faucets. My only friend is a turtle on shower curtain. I can’t go library, restaurant,see my grandma in. Nursing home,

You couldn’t remember if you took your meds earlier today. Do you think that’s why you’re having such a rough time?

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Gay, whore hoe ■■■■ ■■■■■.

I hate people. I’m sure when I go to hospital there will be more ■■■■

I try my best to remember to take it

I forget mine sometimes, too. I have a pill box with morning and evening slots in it that helps me remember.

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What do I do? Im going in the dark

Are you gonna go to the crisis place?

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My bf is annoyed that I put potato wedges in the oven .I guess he’d rather me starve.

Sorry @roxanna. You’re really having a rough day.

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I gotta go now. Take care of yourself @roxanna.

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I’m sorry you’re struggling so much, Rox. I think after you enjoy your dinner you should definitely go to crisis center. Even if it’s not enough, it’s better than nothing.


I get people talking about me when I end up in the hospital too. It sucks that they seem to gang up on people like us. You’ll be safe there though, so I’d go to crisis.