People talk to me like I exist

I find it weird because no one usually notices my existence. Like I mentioned been able to talk and laugh with colleagues and someone just walked passed me and said hi. Is it some sort of vibe I’m sending out? Life’s pretty amazing these days. Oh and this lady friend wants to introduce me to someone. And so does my aunt.


Things are looking up. Good for you!

Btw, I’m sure you exist :smile:

Lol you know what I mean :smile:

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good for you - u do exist.:slight_smile:

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I know this girl in IOP talks to me like I’m a “real person”. From the beginning she was very nice and then we had to list three good traits about ourselves and I was struggling and she raised her hand and starting yelling at me and listed 4 good things about me, based on what she saw in the first day she met me. And she told me to bring in some poetry to share with her next week. She even vented her problems to me and started crying, I didn’t know how to react because no girl has ever considered me worthy of venting their problems to I feel. She’s a blessing to my sense of self worth. Well, hell, a lot of people treat me worthy these days but it hasn’t always been that way…and this girl especially does.


Sounds like you’ve landed a good job and work environment! You go ish!

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