How are things?

A long time ago i came to the realization i didn’t know how things existed.

So i walked around asking random people “how are you?”

They thought i was asking if they were okay but i meant “how do you exist?”

So, how are things?

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In a steady state of entropy I suppose. You?

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When I was 20 I just got out of the psych ward and I had a really good experience in the psych ward. I met tons of people and was very conversational. I gained a lot of confidence.

So when I got out I made an effort to talk to every single person I saw in public. “Hey how are you?” “It’s nice weather today” etc… Almost all the people were rude or gave me weird looks. I was on such a manic high I guess that I would say back “C’mon, I’m just trying to make conversation!” or “Nothing wrong with being nice!” But it’s weird how people are so shunning to strangers talking to them sometimes. Well it was the 40-50 year olds that were rude. I was 20 like I said and they thought there was something wrong with a 20 year old making convo…

Im in 3D and color. So are you. Pretty cool

I noticed a strong prejudice from older crowds when I was a teen & early-to-mid twenty something. They somehow look down upon the youths, or perhaps there are hidden jealousies of that youthful vitality.

I don’t know, but either way I have been mistreated by middle aged & older persons in real life and it is disturbing to say the least. I don’t have problems with children or teenagers so I don’t understand “the beef” they bring.

Problems with others is typically a problem with self. Afterall, you need to self-project in order to experience others, so if they aren’t getting along with you despite good intentions, the truth is probably a result of a problem they have within themselves. Super-judgmental bigots these days I tell you.

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Man, it’s like you’re a creative consultant on these, @pansdisease.


Things like this remind me I can’t read good :smile:

State of perpetual misery.

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One day at a time.


bunny :rabbit: hug.
special cake :cake:
beautiful rainbow :rainbow: snuggle from a cat :cat: …and slobber from a dog :dog: ( yuk ! )
a bunch of flowers :bouquet: just for you @Csummers :heart:
take care :alien:

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You make things so much better @darksith,
Thank you for being you.

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take care :alien: