People do not fake a mental illness


I just saw this on Instagram.

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Good one, I admit I’ve been guilty of faking being ok. Just like was described, I will tell my family I’m ok, and just need some time alone,

I don’t want to burden anyone, and I don’t want them to worry about me. I feel this guilt over having symptoms, feel like I’m failing them. When it gets bad I start to think they would be better off without me, I could just run away, join a hippy community.

But then again, I’m having some issues about faking being sick right now.


Ever felt like you’re faking being sick?

Voices are telling me I’m not sick, that I’m faking it. I think I’m confused. I’m worried I’ve been faking it, lying about being sick for all these years.


I like these words :slight_smile:


I’m no good. I curse at people. I’m not faking jack ■■■■. I’m super off in the head.a guy up above said something negative.

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Thank you for the reminder

I was thinking of what my pdoc said to me the other day - that I would not fake my illness because I won’t fake being in something that causes me distress.


But it’s so tempting to think I’m faking my illness

Just got to remind myself when I cut I don’t like to show it - I hide it behind long sleeves. So why would I fake it?

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I would rather someone think I’m “faking”. Then think I’m totally messed up. That is a good thing and indicates your mental problems are not as bad.

I always say I am ok when someone asks me how I am, even if I am not.

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I fake being okay because I don’t want to upset people.

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people fake it all the time for sympathy and government benefits. But the statistics say it’s small. I don’t know. 50% of statistics are BS anyways.

I know I felt betrayed when in my past lives they said I got bipolar and not schizophrenia. Bipolar is still an illness, right? If it is, then I shouldn’t feel guilty. Bipolar can be devastating. Is it the drinks that are making me unable to function? Or the cigarettes? I don’t know.


Thank you for this. It made me laugh. My voices are torturing me badly.

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Yea, I don’t see the point of telling my family exactly how I feel in detail. It doesn’t help anyone.
Unfortunately. I did tell them about my hair removal surgery (except my mum) though and that felt like a huge relief telling them about that huge insecurity. They never knew before

Before it would make me paranoid to tell them but not anymore thnk gosh

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Its Very True. Too often i would get “are you alright?” twice daily in the bar where i used to drink. And then cue me fake laughing and putting a fake smile on - just so i didnt have to divulge that in reality the voices and paranoia were doing my fcking head in. And all i wanted was a quiet beer to chill out with.

Why do so many of us wanna pretend being healthy then? Because a fear of being looked down?

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