People belittle my difficulties because I can talk etc

Apparently I’m not allowed to struggle and I’m just a lazy person… sigh

Just because my autism isn’t the most severe kind doesn’t mean it’s mild either

Everyone has difficulties here. No one is in a position to do that over people. Just relax. It gets easier with time. Remember. Others tread the same paths regardless of diagnosis.

The only opinions that should matter to you, are the people closet to you and your family. Tell the rest of them to do one - and dont give them a second thought.

very few people actually understand what im going through

I’m not disagreeing with that but we all go through a lot. Your not just the only one dealing with stuff is what I’m saying. Everyone here is here for a serious reason. Remember that about your fellow posters. It’s all really, really important to them too.

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I am aware already

It’s hard with so called normal people. You probably will find it hard to find people who’ll understand these things and most will have no idea. Talking isn’t a bad skill to have but that becomes problematic when you try to explain things…I’m hearing that…

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