People are talking to me

So lately I’ve been feeling very isolated and lonely and I’ve been getting very depressed about it.

And then suddenly this past week a bunch of people I’ve been out of touch with have been texting me and asking me how I’ve been.

The problem is I’m worried that maybe people can hear my thoughts. I mean I guess this incident wasn’t bad but what if it happens again?


I also find the cycle of relationships with people hard. Can’t live with others can’t live without them. This isn’t very useful but i try to be as least attached as possible I won’t get as let down and start getting paranoid. Cause once i get attached i get paranoid.

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What if what happens again? People text you? Or you think people can hear your thoughts?

If people text you, enjoy it, get engaged with it. It’s good to have communication with people it takes you away from yourself and it’s nice people are showing concern for you. It means they care about you. A lot of people don’t have that. And in this day in age, most people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds it’s rare that they reach out and ask if you’re going ok. Bask in it, I say!

But if you’re asking about the latter, challenge it. Delusions need therapy. No one can hear your thoughts. It’s not logical and you’re smarter than that. Can you hear other people’s thoughts? Probably not right? Or it might be coincidence that you guess what someone is thinking through familiarity.

Trust me, no one can hear your thoughts.


@Noise Don’t worry, your friends don’t know what’s going on inside your mind. Be calm to talk with them or even go out with them. And make sure you are on the right dose of meds.

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It’s just so weird I haven’t talked to some of these people in years??? And now suddenly they’re just like hey I was thinking of you and I’m just???

It does feel nice though so you’re right I will try to enjoy it!!

Yeah I can’t hear others thoughts that’s true… It’s just such a weird coincidence though. Perhaps I was just having a premonition. Delusions or no it’s just weird.

Thanks this made me feel better. It does seem a little off. Thank you for the fact check.

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Keep reality checking yourself. You;ll be fine!

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I just am having issues getting over the very odd timing. But I will try to talk to them as best I can. Thank you

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