People are really struggling in the UK financially

I get £383 pip and & around £770 in universal credit and the average rent around here for a property can reach £2000.

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My mom was blind. There was no free housing for her. I’m not aware of it anywhere in Canada unless you are severely mentally disabled and placed in care as a ward of the government.


Sorry to hear that

Im going to bed its late night both of you, sorry if im a bit frustrated

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While I was working a part time job a couple of months ago that also came out of my universal credit. So if I earned 650. I only got 100 universal credit. Still working really helped my mental health in some ways.

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I am reasonably happy with what I get from SSDI, or at least I was until the powers that be decided I had to start paying my own Medicare premiums. There are a couple of points to make though.

  1. I worked for about 25 years, so paid into SSDI and get money based on that. If I hadnt worked and was getting SSI , I likely would not be getting as much.

  2. I live with my parents now and have reasonable monthly costs based on that. Just a somewhat modest rent payment, my own medical and dental bills, phone, internet, food on occasion and whatever else comes up. The drawback to this obviously, is I live with my parents…It seems worth it at the current time to keep bills relatively low.

  3. I have no car anymore so I dont have to pay for insurance and other related expenses. I bought an electric motorcycle/scooter, but cant drive that in the cold months. My dad lets me take van when I need to go somewhere.

So, thats basically my situation and how I remain afloat.

Edit: I’m in the US btw.

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If you’re in Bobbybilly’s position -yes benefits are good, but overall UK benefits for the disabled/unemployed are some of the worst in Europe.

That’s all I’m going to say , as I could easily get very heated, and very political, over the issue.


I think what makes a difference for me is that I get my supported housing paid in full and I’ve been on a section 3 which means I get section 117 aftercare protection, which means I don’t have to pay for any of my support costs,. ie support which is 32 hours one to one a week. This makes my cost of living very cheap and I can save a lot. I know if I had a private tendency I would have to pay over £350 a month out my benefits extra to top up my housing benefit. Here just a normal small terrace house is £800 a month. Plus all my bills. Here because its a group home I live its very cheap as its shared between 3 other people.

I’m sorry if I came across as insensitive


I was entitled to 117 as well, but the records were not done properly and I lost the entitlement

This is despite being held in a YOI in the mental health wing for over a month

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if you ever get put on a section 3 or 37 again you’ll be entilited to section 117 again. I think it’s worth having it. All my housemates I live have intellectual disabilities and Autism and never been sectioned before and they have to contribute around £497 a 4/week month out their PIP for their support. Because of my section 117 I don’t have to pay anything.

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I intend to keep a significant distance from these people

Moved home a couple of weeks ago, and I refused to give them my address

They have my email, so they can use that

Don’t want them to know where I am in case things go wrong

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TLDR? No prob, I got ya!

“My fellow countrymen are having a hard time. But here I am, at some beach in Sri Lanka having a mojito”


Looool. 15charcters

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