Peculiar situation, not a bad one though

Because I have a posts about schizophrenia way back on my facebook, like badass posts about along the lines of “you may have wondered where I was for a year, well I was psychotic, now I am on medication and on a full ride in the honors psychology program and a competitive weightlifter” which got like 100 likes on facebook.

I also have links to articles I have been featured in.

I also posted a picture of my barbell callouses with something about schizophrenia in like May, and he and I were having one of our usual two hour long talks and he mentioned seeing some picture of my hands all bloody. If he saw that, he saw the articles I was featured in.

but he hasnt brought it up. Now I think I can see why- in the articles, I was a success story- extremely high functioning, on the deans list, which is publicly available, anyone can go on my university’s website and see who made the deans list, I have been on it every semester. I do rant on this site, but I am truly as recovered as possible- I experience hardly any symptoms and mainly worry about relapsing and am working on getting over the fact that the whole ■■■■ storm ever went through my life. That and I do suffer from anxiety every day. I just deal with it and perform to my ability and take pride in that. I also am in great shape, which is rare for schizophrenics. I have had professors say that they would have never in a million years guessed that I had it.

My doctors say that I am in the stage of recovery of putting the past behind me and they can tell that I am med compliant, hell I am majoring in neuroscience I even know how my meds work, LOL.

But yeah, I think he probably dug through my facebook. He told me he had looked through my pictures, like all of them, back to when I was like 16 and if he did that, he probably looked through my posts and discovered that I am a recovered schizophrenic.

But he might assume that I don’t want to talk about it and that it is behind me, which it is, but I don’t mind talking about it.

He says he has anxiety and trouble with sleep during the weekdays. He also has a mentally challenged brother, and his mom has a degree in psychology. I think he might know but not hold stigma against me.

But after all, I have my ■■■■ together better than most normal people my age and am also good looking, so I think people let it slide. The only people I share my schizophrenic stuff with have psychotic disorders themselves or doctors. Like last night I talked with my paranoid schizophrenic buddy who goes to my school, we hung out for a few hours and we always have stories to share. He is very similar to me. He even takes the same antipsychotic. He’s also bisexual, has a girlfriend and secretly gets it on with guys.

But regardless, this guy has made plans to spend the whole weekend over, so I wont be getting on here for a few days. Everyone take your meds while Im gone. lol

If he does bring it up I will just be honest about it.

Sounds like a good predicament to be in!

I have always been very mindful of not mentioning or liking anything relating to mental illness on my facebook and am very cautious about who I share my diagnosis with as I’ve found that even those with a mental illness can be misinformed and biased against those with Sz. There was this guy I knew in the last city I lived in who had severe depression and had attempted suicide numerous times and yet he was completely intolerant of anyone with Sz.

When I’ve been mentioned and written about in articles I’ve always at most only given my first name and never allowed a picture to be taken. But I have spoken publicly about my struggle with mental illness so if somebody were to find out through this stuff I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Anyway that’s just a little of my world. Sounds like this guy is probably able and informed enough to accept your history with mental illness. Very cool.