Shared my story on facebook

I shared my story about having been diagnosed a year ago from today and how I have recovered and gotten into powerlifting, I also mentioned how stigma is still a major problem, and seventy people liked it. It feels good to know that people are becoming more aware of mental illnesses and are supportive of someone who has beaten schizophrenia.


That’s good that seventy people liked it. I don’t even have seventy friends on facebook. I’ve toyed with the idea of telling people, but haven’t felt bold enough, especially since I still have symptoms.

You’re very highly functioning, Caroline. You look like you are in remission, technically you are if your symptoms don’t affect your behavior, and being a full-time student is enough to have a psychiatrist consider you to be in remission. Remission is about behavior that is observable. I have finally quit being asocial, I reached out to new people in the fall and that combined with a new med regiment has me virtually symptom free and behaving like a normal person. I have also picked up a disciplined, structured lifestyle, I train at a powerlifting gym and I have made it to the “1000lbs club” at 165lbs, my bench press, deadlift and squat add up to 1025lbs.

How is school going? Any grades yet? I made a 95 on a french quiz and a 59/60 on a logic exam.

I’ve done some psychology “homeworks” which are really online quizzes, and I’ve gotten several 100%s and a couple 90%s.

Good for you on your french quiz and logic exam!! :smiley: Keep it up. We’re just beginning.

That’s awesome! I met with my advisor today and I need to choose between specializing in cognitive psychology or behaviora neuroscience. BN requires chemistry and biology though

I could never do behavioral neuroscience. I got an A in introductory Chemistry, and A’s in my two biology classes, but I fear the math would get too difficult in the upper levels of those classes. I got a C in calculus, though, I have to admit that my calculus professor sucked.

never share your story…
lie, deceive…
what is once written might be taken litteraly

not on facebook - damn - not that Morti isn’t awesome - but I just can’t imagine: Hello, people that I went to high school with and never see now ever - just wanted to let you all know that I did not waste my time and went insane promptly and then came back to tell the story - so - poke me or like me - I do not care… now that I imagined - maybe I should
Morti - I am joking - godspeed!

I liked those behavior science classes 24 years ago at a business school. Sometimes just opening up and telling one’s story helps by itself. I liked those independent research classes most, because it gave some freedom to do research by myself. Well, that’s already almost a quarter of the century ago, but I still recall those things. One of my professors died to lung cancer in 2006, as I recall he smoked his pipe always at his office.

My schizophrenia story was published in a journal. Right before I graduated I found out you could just type in my name and state and it would say, My Dream Life a Normal Life by Cary Schroeder in the Schizophrenic Bulletin. And just click on it and you could read the article. I had to threaten to get a lawyer in order for them to take it off. Since I was looking for a job and had found out lots of people in the field don’t like the idea of a schizophrenic as a masters level counselor.

ok that isnt any good, what about the damage that was already
be done to your image/imago?

I moved to a different city.

ok,… that isnt good.
and why couldn’t they move the town you lived in?

Behavioral neuro doesn’t require calculus at my school. Just chemistry and biology with lab and certain psych courses (mostly the ones i’ve already taken and mandatory ones like research/statistical methods of psychology) so I am leaning towards taking chem and bio over the summers. It might need like college algebra but nothing serious…but this is the requirements at my school. I imagine that its somewhat uniform throughout the educational system but thats just me assuming things.

Well facebook isnt exactly a psychology journal and I plan on working in the mental health field and telling my employers anyways…■■■■, i will probably be getting my meds from the on staff pdoc at the mental hospital I dream of working at. I also think that writing about a quick and fantastic recovery within a year of diagnosis might be a good thing…

But I do understand that the internet is public and permanent. I just wanted to let people who wondered what ever happened to me know what has been going on.

Again, I am one of those schizophrenics who is proud to have it. I want people to look at me and for me to look back and see their misconceptions about mental illnesses melt away. I will not lie about or hide the most challenging thing I have ever experienced: madness.

I am now a much more mature person who has seen a whole lot for just being 20 years old. I was an arrogant 18 year old before this all happened, and it tested my will to live and I learned what it means to be strong.


Awesome. You’ve done a great thing. Positive stories of people dealing with their schizophrenia are sorely needed.

I wrote up my story once and published it on the net. I was still struggling so it wasn’t a very uplifting story. I should do it again.

Everyone I know on a first name basis knows I have schizophrenia. About the only people who don’t know are cashiers and people I meet on the street. It feels good to be open about it. I guess it’s how a homosexual feels about being open with their sexuality.

Once again, good job man!

When I had a bachelors job everyone was very impressed. When I got the masters job everyone was angry. I have my own beliefs of why it didn’t work out for me. But I’ms sure it will work out for you. Like that psychiatrist who says that you should talk to schizophrenic clients about their delusions in the same way you would do dream therapy.