Back to 100mg Invega Sustenna or to change medications

I’m on 75mg and due to the fact that I’m having symptoms and the god delusion is still present I will try one month on 100mg, if the prolactin levels are too high after two weeks I will switch meds probably to Abilify.

My pdoc is concerned about the fact that I lactated and if it happens again I will change meds.

I hope it doesn’t happen again, but raising the dose again will probably do just that, so I’m guessing I’ll be changing meds in two months.

I don’t really want to but if it is the right course of action, than so be it.

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Just remember, the therapeutic dose for abilify is 10mg. Just saying, as there seems to be a trend on here of people using 5mg somehow and doing quite badly on it.


If it comes to it, I’ll mention it to my pdoc. Thanks for the heads up

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abilify.pi.pdf (482.9 KB)

Here’s the prescribing information from the manufacturer.

You can search ‘otsuka abilify prescribing information’ to find it too.

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What is your prolactine level?

Don’t know, will do bloodwork in a few weeks.

Well good luck @Minnii.

I might switch meds soon also, and yes I am very nervous about it.

My prolactin levels are just a bit raised but my Testosterone levels are very low, I’ll see what my pdoc says about it all.

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Thank you @Wave good luck to you too!

I’m really nervous about changing meds too.

Thanks @Minnii - it’s natural to be nervous about switching meds, but it can work out just fine also.

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