Pathological/sociopathic hatred of the disabled

It’s disturbing /frightening that so many people have a pathological/sociopathic hatred of the disabled.


Any psychology class proves that unfortunately

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It’s shocking how extreme some people are about the disabled, even physically disabled. It’s easy for people who have no significant barriers to a regular life to grandstand about how they would never lower their standards to live as a disabled person. It’s ignorance, plain and simple.


Could u explain this to me in more detail

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What people say and what they do are often widely divurgent. If some of those same people were disabled they’d be crying the loudest about them not receiving enough benefits.

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I could but then I’d have to get political which is not allowed.

Pathological hatred towards the disabled was on full display at the last psychiatric hospital I stayed at.

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What have you read?

Your always bringing us articles. Where is this comment coming from? Hopefully not personal experience?

It’s coming from reading comments re the disabled and benefits over the years in papers online and on newsgroups.

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