Past times

i used to chase tumbleweeds and catch snakes and lizards as a kid.


No tumble weeds around here…

Unfortunately the reptiles (turtles aside) that I had didn’t take to domestication very well and perished in their shoe boxes or large bottles that I had made for them.

Only caught one lizard… lizards are cool

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yeah i learned that lesson too, that’s why i named them the set em’ free most were named Mr. Bunny Foo Foo or various harry potter characters.

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I’ve heard that somewhere, but I can’t place it… a long time ago…

I just quit trying to catch them… I have a cat now… he has yet to perish in a shoebox…

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haha oh boy.
Mr. Bunny Foo Foo i don’t want to see you gathering all the field mice and bopping the on the head :notes:

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hmmmm… I might have to youtube it if its a song… that sounds even more familiar…

yes, please do.

Got side tracked in another thread… This was taken about 5 min ago

He’s a pretty durable little guy


That is a bis shoe box! your feet must be massive.
Very cute!

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Me and my bud. pic is ages old (phone on the fritz)

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Really my friend!!!
You must be a brave woman.

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Looks like a good dog…

I can only stand dogs if they’re the old and relaxed quiet kind.

What breed is that? That a basset hound?

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Beagle. He is good and relaxed, but he howls alot.

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I suppose, but i saw a rattle snake once and ran away crying and screaming.

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Ah… looked taller than the beagles I’ve seen.

Does he bark at strangers and stuff… trying to scare people?

Yeah, until i say “its ok friend” and he gets a sniff lol

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As a child I used to play with snails and race them.


Thats awesome!
How did you get them to do that?

One time when I was in grade school a friend and I were out in the countryside. We turned over a piece of corrugated tin, and there was a huge bed of scorpions under it. There must have been a hundred of them or more. We caught a bunch of them and took them to school. Someone had the bright idea of putting a little snake in the aquarium in which we kept them. The snake was getting bit by them occasionally. We were some mean little twerps. Our fifth grade teacher took the snake out because she didn’t want to have to watch it fighting to get out of our container.

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They didn’t really race as the slithered everywhere. I’d put them on a plank of wood.

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