Past lives redux

There’s always talk of past lives and reincarnation, but has anyone been able to remember a past life, I sure can’t. I’ve had some serious de ja vu before and it doesn’t fit with past lives, more this current one. So where are these ideas coming from?

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i’m avoiding believing in this type of stuff lately, but i get a strong sense of a non-earth past life. i think that’s all i’m supposed to know :stuck_out_tongue:

In the forum or in the world? There are plenty if accounts in the world of people remembering their past life.

We all know how false and delusional memories can occur so I’m not really going to trust someone outside the forum right now. I’m looking for someone who can discuss

Are you saying you only want to hear personal accounts from schizophrenics or MI people about their personal past life experience?

I would like to ask questions to someone about it, that’s most of it

Ok so my new point is that if you can’t remember your past lives then believing you have them is meaningless. Magical thinking?

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But you have to take into account the many sacred texts and other personal accounts. That is what anyone’s faith is based on.

You might as well say faith of any kind is foolish. Which, if that’s your opinion, is completely a valid personal one.

I won’t disagree that, there’s a lot of magical thinking going on in the world. And there are probably good reasons for that. Delusions are not limited to the mentally ill

amen to that, lol

You have to undergo hypnosis to “remember” a past life. I put remember in inverted commas because there’s no guarantee that it’s not just your mind inventing things.

You can find worldwide therapists who do it here:

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I think I’ve also heard the hypnosis can create false memories. Not 100% sure

My mom always recounts the story of when i was about 4 and told her that in my past life I fell from a second story window as a child and died but that I’m alright now. Not longer after I got in a pretty bad accident and ended up in the hospital and when I woke up I told my mom “I told you I was alright now”. I was a weird kid

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Probably. But I seriously hope reincarnation isn’t real. I ain’t coming back if I can help it.


I want to come back again. i feel i deserve a better shot at a normal life.


Yeah but if you come back you forget who you were. :fearful: Plus there’s no guarantee it would be any better.

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I want to forget who i am. I want to be incarnated into a healthy family where i pursue spirituality from a young age and become an enlightened being.


Enlightenment can be found thru transcendence

You’re a fighter Griz , you have a lot to be proud of. You sound enlightened already. Don’t sell yourself short.

Or i wouldn’t mind being incarnated into a tribal culture that lives off the grid with nothing to do with modern society