Passport (poem)

They gave you a passport, and a certificate
When you were born.
17 years later, you turn on the news;
The news is starting to talk about your people.

But you yourself aren’t on it, but you got hurt.
It is your people that are on it- the stigmatized.
And you weep. And you hate yourself.

So you squeeze your heart.
You bleed. You weep. You hate yourself.
And you said to yourself, “Why me?”


that’s very real. It does something to the reader. Good share.

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Thanks @Daze! :slight_smile:

Is this about retirement ? :open_mouth:

No, this is about stigma and how it portrays people with mental illness on the news. It’s about my life, really.

Basically: I was born and given the rights of a citizen. However, after I got diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 17, things turned around and now I realized my disease is stigmatized. They talk about how people with sz kill people on the news and I’m petrified. And then I cried, I wept, etc…

that’s basically why I wrote this. I’m just deadly ashamed and petrified of sz.


And exactly what are you afraid of ?:thinking:

I don’t know what I am afraid of.
I guess I’m afraid of myself.
That’s a good point that you bring up.

Yeah, I’ve come to realize that myself too.


That’s right, it can make one afraid of one’s own self. That is so bad. Keep your heart warm and strong. :hearts: What I’m afraid of is forgetting myself.

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