Passionflower and melatonin

So are these safe to use long term? Im taking melatonin and sedix, which is passionflower. They work Good for me.

Side Effects & Safety

Passionflower is LIKELY SAFE for most people when used in food-flavoring amounts. It is POSSIBLY SAFE for most peoplewhen taken as a tea nightly for 7 nights, or as a medicine for up to 8 weeks. It is POSSIBLY UNSAFE for most people when taken by mouth in large amounts, such as 3.5 grams of a specific extract (Sedacalm by Bioplus Healthcare) over a 2-day period.


Passion flower can cause some side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, and confusion.

There isn’t enough information to rate the safety of passionflower when applied to the skin.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Children : Passion flower is POSSIBLY SAFE for most children when taken by mouth for short periods of time. A specific passion flower product (Pasipay by Iran Darouk Pharmaceutical Company) has been used safely in children aged 6-13 years at a dose of 0.04 mg per kg body weight daily for up to 8 weeks.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding : Passion flower is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy. There are some chemicals in the passion flower plant that might cause the uterus to contract. Don’t use passion flower if you are pregnant.

Not enough is known about the safety of taking passionflower during breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and don’t use it.

Surgery : Passion flower might cause sleepiness and drowsiness. It might increase the effects of anesthesia and other medications on the brain during and after surgery. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are taking passion flower within 2 weeks of a scheduled surgery.

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Oh so its not safe for long term. How about melatonin? Guess i need to use Only my mirtazapine, but if i take more than one tablet i gain weight…

Just basing off what my old case manager said… She has a family member that takes it every night and it’s completely harmless.

The melatonin I mean, usually 3mg is a good dose.

I asked her if it was ok for me to take it long term and she said yea her family member does. I stopped taking it though, it was giving me vivid dreams

Ok Good. Yeah i take 3mg melatonin and then 15 mg mirtazapine in the evening, it makes me somewhat sleepy. Passionflower was Magic but im not gonna buy more.

It’s good you came on here asking. Even though these herbal remedies are natural, they can still have a interaction. I was told I can’t take anything without first consulting the pdoc.

Sometimes, a pharmacist doesn’t even know since they see the medicine and the interaction, but they don’t see the person and their symptoms.

Always ask your doctor about any supplements you take, because there are diseases/medications/food that can interact with them.

Melatonin has never been studied long-term, and there is debate over whether it is good to use beyond 30 days.

Your body likely produces enough melatonin for its general needs. However, evidence suggests that melatonin promotes sleep and is safe for short-term use. Melatonin can be used to treat delayed sleep phase and circadian rhythm sleep disorders in the blind and provide some insomnia relief. Treat melatonin as you would any sleeping pill and use it under your doctor’s supervision

For more information:


My sister used melatonin regularly for a couple of years. She ended up with irregular liver blood tests. After liver biopsy results came back normal, on a whim, her doctor suggested she cut out the melatonin. Her liver values went back into the normal range.


Thats really bad. Ive got melatonin subscribed by my doctor…now seems like i just got mirtazapine left lol. Want something long term.

My boyfriend was taking mirtazapine long term. The pdoc told him the smaller dose would help him sleep better. I don’t see why you can’t take that long term especially since it is prescribed to you. He took it every night, as for the melatonin, I’m looking at that study myself that the mod posted.

Winterblues i mean the melatonin was prescribed to me. Ive had mirtazapine for years.

If you’re concerned, you should discuss it with your doctor. Everyone’s different when it comes to how their body handles meds, supplements, or even certain foods.

Oh, gotchya! :musical_note::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note::notes::notes::notes::musical_note::musical_note:

Yeah of Course But its Nice to hear from others on this forum. Doctors dont know everything…clearly.

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I’ve been taking 6 mg of Melatonin at night three hours before bedtime for years without any problem. It seems to help me sleep most nights.

Yeah same here. Havent got problems but ive got doubts

Upping this is it safe