Passing Down SZ To Children?

Hello everyone. I know SZ is largely genetic. I am wondering if I should ever reproduce due to the possibility of me passing this down to my children…I wouldn’t want them or have SZ or any other type of MI…

Do you have children? Did you pass MI down to them? Are you worried about passing it down?

Or did your parents have MI and they passed it down to you?

I think that it is not only genetic. I personally think that you can have the genes to be mentally sick but if you have a good environment and good parents, you can never develop an illness.

Personally, I had violent and cruel parents and I’m sure that this is what triggered my mental illness.


choline supplements lessens the chances of inheriting sz, according to the mothersite, schizophrenia .com

Here’s a link to the article on that choline
link to article on how choline can lessen chances of inheriting sz


My parents are both mentally ill. My dad has schizoaffective disorder and my mom has bipolar with psychotic features. They passed their illnesses to my brother and i.

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You can grow up in the best environment and have the best parents and still develop an MI. MI are mainly genetic.

But yes, environments (can) play into it. So sorry to hear about your upbringings. Thank you for your comment.


Supplement industries often “buy out” websites to push articles to push their agenda. I don’t know if I buy the articles. Thank you for your comment.

That is so unfortunate. Thank you for your comment.

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its up to you if you don’t want to believe scientists, so good luck

Genetic counseling is the way to go to see more specific number crunching of hereditary conditions. Are stats on the website main page of hand it’s a little higher if the father is older then 40 years old.

Is also research omega-3 does stop the onset of sz in teens.

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My father passed his sza down to me and I passed sz down to my son. My son died of his paranoid sz. He committed suicide six years ago. I would never have gotten pregnant if I had known that I had sza. I don’t recommend pregnancy to any woman with sz/sza. They are both very hereditary. Sza people can pass down sz, sza, major depression, and bipolar to their children.

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So unfortunate about your son. Sorry to hear that. Thank you for your comment.

My mother was SZ and now my 17 yo son is starting to complain of symptoms. My pdoc said it’s likely hyper-vigilance but to monitor it.

I know the chances of passing on SZ are actually very slight (something like 10%) but I wonder if some families have a higher rate of it?

I see. Yes, families with mental illnesses are more prone to getting mental illnesses.

13% of chance of sz + ?% chances of schizotypal/schizoid/bipolar.

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I am so sorry @Gina2 :frowning_face:

This is really sad and I’m very sorry @Gina2!

I wanna have kids… it is the right time in my life. I do not wish to bring to this world another schizophrenic. :frowning:
But I have very good situation and my bf has no mental illness.

In my family, my mom, and aunt are only schizophrenic in a very huge family of cousins and aunts etc

I can not decide yet. I am meeting with a doctor soon

Here is an article on the genetic factors of passing on schizophrenia.

Basically, you have a 13% chance of passing it on to your kids. That’s a risk, but it’s not too high. I will be having kids, because I think that, even though schizophrenia is hard, it’s not so hard I wish I had never been born. My kids deserve the same chance I had.


Here is an unbiased, peer-reviewed study about the effects of choline during pregnancy to prevent schizophrenia. If you don’t trust the data from this website, you should at least trust NCBI. The study shows promise, but it is not conclusive yet. Basically, 6 grams of choline taken every day during pregnancy has been shown to reduce early signs of schizophrenia in infants, but no study has been done yet following those children into adulthood.

Also, I can assure you that the only product this site gets paid to advertise is sarcosine, and that was specifically chosen because it is a useful product that many folks don’t know about. The ad revenue made from that is barely enough to cover the overhead costs of running the site.


Thank you for taking the time to write these comments and posting these articles.

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