Part-time seems to work

Over the past few years I have had quite a lot of jobs. When I say a lot I mean A LOT. After the consultant reccomended part-time I found something suitable and have been in this job for a whole year. I am so happy. It’s not finiancially great as I don’t get the same money and have to stop spending so much but it’s going well… I am considering applying for PIP if I get it it would be great otherwise at least i attempted it.


I am on the pip journey as well. It’s hard and I got rejected last time, but you can reapply after 6 months. I hope to get it this time. It’s worth a shot.

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I got PIP before I got my part time job. It’s due for renewal in March and I’m worried I won’t get any cause I’m well enough to work part time now. The Tories are evil scum!

@anon80629714 and @Joker Good luck with your PIP claims!


What is PIP? 151515

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Disability in the UK. I think.:smirk:

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