Parent poll

How many parents did you grow up with?

  • Both parents
  • Single parent
  • Grand parents
  • Other family
  • Orphan
  • Adopted

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Both parents and grandmother.

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With my mom and her two parents.

Both parents plus one grandfather and two grandmothers in the picture.

Single mom crew, step grandpa and normal grandma.

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Single mother, her parents, and an aunt and uncle. Was a big family growing up.

4 parents two grand folks and 9 siblings. hmm left home at 13. bit me.

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Both parents and both paternal & maternal grandparents.

Single monther and her abusive boyfriends. She was only attracted to predators.

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With my both parents. My dad was aggressive, its possible that he was ill too… I have the impression also, that I grew up in a golden cage… I almost did not have a life outside of our 4 walls :sweat: .

Both parents then one ghosted me.

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