Paranoid something terrible will happen to me tomorrow

I’ve been having a feeling of dread for the past few days. I keep thinking something terrible will happen to me tomorrow. I hope I’m just being crazy. Usually nothing happens when I’m afraid, but I keep thinking it’s fate or something. Anyone else have that feeling sometimes that terrible things will happen on certain days? Thanks.


Yes, every time I go to the store by myself I get this fear/feeling something bad will happen

I used to have a feeling of looming dread. I saw a documentary about a schizophrenic who was certain he’d be assassinated on his 18th birthday. The day came and went and he was fine.

It’s a pretty common symptom I think, related to the condition. Living with schizophrenia can feel like swimming upstream sometimes. I hope you’re able to relax.

You will have a constant sense of impending doom if you don’t fix your mental state. Need good treatment.

İ feel terrible when i wake up.i feel that something permanently loss at my body.or something bad will happen about my health.

I lived in fear of a lot of things for a heck of a long time. I didn’t get dxed till 29.

It’s not rational and that is the issue. It’s symptomatic if you can get that perspective. Meds help. They really do but work with your doctor and let them know these things…They need to know your fears…

I’m 50. I spent over half my life in fear of things that weren’t really rational. I still suffered thinking those things though…On my meds now I don’t live in fear. That is really a better way to be.

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But tomorrow never comes.

Trust me i know the feeling. This how overcome it. Med change or med increase. Its brain imbalance in reality everything is okay. The mind make your hell or heaven in instance. Everything is going to be okay. Its only a strong feeling. Its going to hard to overcome. To me while to over my feeling something bad is going to happen, had to increase med change trust your fine, the world is fine. Talk to your psychiatrist immediately this not joke if you feel bad seek medical help. Your deserve feel happy and positive not negative.

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