Paranoid much of the time

When will I stop being so paranoid. They increased my risperidone to 8mg. Now I’m just swiming in my head and paranoid.
I been trying to hang out with people and see if it’ll go away but it jus stays the same.

I have paranoia too. I think people can hear my thoughts sometimes.

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Same here. I’ll think something and someone will say something similar

I notice I get paranoid when my shot is close to due. I get paranoid in-between too, just not that bad around the 3 week mark when my shot is due on the 4th week.

Use to think people could hear my thoughts till I got on the shot. Symptoms kind of lessen with it, but the paranoia is still there and it get’s bad, real bad.

I have bad paranoia too.

It comes in waves, right now I’m pretty good, but in a couple months it’ll be weird again.

One of my eyes is significantly smaller than the other,

So when I was a kid I got it in my head that it was a fake eye. Like some sort of computer that heard and saw everything I did.

It’s horrible.

I still have problems with it and I’m 32.

I think we just have to have a little faith in the medication and keep therapy appointments.

I hope you’re right. They have me on the max risperidone before they try a dif med. Hopefully this works. Idk if I’ll ever be completely paranoid free even with meds. Kinda wonder why even bother increasing or changing meds if the paranoia isn’t ever going to go away.

You have to give the medication time,

And its also possible that is not the med that is going to work the best for you.

So you may have to start all over again in a couple months.

Its trial and error until you and your doctor get it right.

Really, try therapy.

I did CBT and it changed my life.

It was more for OCD and intrusive thoughts, but it did help with my paranoia.

It helped with everything, just more so the OCD.


My therapist isn’t that great but I’ll ask her about it next time I’m in there. DL u do CBT a lot? Seems like she mentioned something about it but I can’t remember

She probably did,

Its very popular and used for lots of things.

Why don’t you like her?

Cuz she doesn’t talk n makes me talk about stuff LoL. Sounds ridiculous but I hate talking about my problems

That is exactly what therapy is in the beginning.

You talk about you.

Give it some time, homie!

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Lol my therapist is hard to shut up and he says the same things each session. I can barely get a word in edgewise. We should trade.

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