Is this really as good as it gets

i am able to work part time. i tho still paranoid i can ignore it as best i can. but its never gone away . always feel im being watched. always have bad paranoid thoughts but i live with them. i think this might be as good as it gets

Are you in therapy? As are therapies and ways to deal with the thoughts like ACT and CBT.

tried a bit of CBT in hospital. didnt really continue after. had 8 months of counsillig ( a load of rubbish in my opinion… dont get my wrong it helps others) also went to a group for anxiety

Medication is the mainstay treatment for paranoia caused by severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar - therapy can help usually, but not as a first line treatment. I dont know which meds you are taking but when I switched from Abilify to Risperdal my paranoia subsided greatly - so the right meds help. It could also be a matter of dosing with your meds - the right dose is important. It can get better - this is something to discuss with your psychiatrist if you are not satisfied. Never settle for less there is always better

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i am on clozapine amoung others. and its helps to a degree

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Paranoia can sometimes be a tricky and difficult symptom to treat, I still have some residual paranoia - best of luck with everything

I’ve resigned myself to being about as stable and comfortable as I can be on Geodon and Seroquel. Don’t get discouraged. Life has its rewards.


I still have paranoid feelings when I leave the house but its not as bad as it was before I was on the meds. t’s bearable now


I hope you manage to kick this one down soon. No easy task. For me it was meds that helped and therapy.

But also… I had to learn to be patient with myself…

There were times were I felt like I wasn’t getting any better… and then I did get better. I felt great… until it seemed like I hit a wall and wasn’t getting better any more… but my brain has to heal in stages… little by little.

be it meds or therapy or both… I hope you can get out from under that feeling.