Paranoid about open windowsI

I always get paranoid when the curtins are open on the windows in my house. I feel like I’m about to get sniped or something. Or I feel like there is someone standing out there watching me. I’ve had this feeling for a while now. It’s getting better though I can have them open during the day because I can look out to make sure nothing is out there. I just wanted to share this to see if anyone else feels the same

I can’t sleep without a blanket… only sometimes I guess.

You realize no one has sniper rifles or the skill to snipe in the first place. Distances that require sniping have a major bullet drop factor. Takes a real ■■■■■■■ pro to snipe. wind conditions play a part too.

Hell I live in the flat lands though. Nowhere to snipe from here anyways.

Bees are always flying in my window at like three in the morning.

@Leo333 there is a better chance of bees killing you… a far better chance

The lower image reflects reality… bullets fall at the same rate regardless of how fast they are travelling horizontal.

Ballistic trajectories are a real thing though. That’s why you shouldn’t fire guns in the air. You’re better off firing the gun straight upwards. Any decent angle away from a vertical shot will maintain a lot of its horizontal momentum and still be lethal.

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