Paranoia paranoia Paranoia

What kind of things do you have paranoia about?

And how do you try to overcome it

That I said something embarassing or mean. I overcome it with meditation.

Or I have paranoia that people are coming to torture me. I overcome that by falling asleep lol

Or I have paranoia that people are watching me. I overcome that with time.

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paranoid that i will get pulled over the police while driving. paranoid that i will be profiled and questioned by the police when in public. i really want to grow my hair and beard out, but that would cause suspiscious looks here. i will do it anyhow, and live with the paranoia. also paranoid if i move back to my hometown everyone will know im schizophrenic now.

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I have paranoia about food poisoning like people adding poison to my food.

I have other paranoia too but they are too private

I get paranoid sometimes too. I guess it’s mostly schizophrenics that get it.

Hi !
when I was psychotic, I had paranoia that the police was after me and wanted to kill me and also that my food was poisoned.
it’s interesting to see that the paranoia is kind of always the same for all schizo people!

Food poisoning, people going to kill etc

I usually have it where I feel people don’t like me.

Paranoid about police, paranoid about strangers kidnapping me, paranoid that people hate me etc.

I’m paranoid the IRA are everywhere, my brother plotting against me and sister in law, my sister hating me, my mother thinking I’m a bad person. The community thinking I’m crazy my ex knows my internet history

too many to list.

I don’t rise to the occasion though, thanks to meds.
It’s there, but in the back of my mind.

Im always paranoid when i hear people shouting outside. Thats why my lounge where i sleep and live in has the windows blacked out. People get wierded out when they come in my flat - cos it can be a hot bright summers day, and im sitting in the dark with low level green led lights on haha

well, it’s still green, if not the grass. ha.

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Haha - Everyone thinks im mad, but its actually quite comforting living in the dark lol.

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