Paranoia or reality?

is the world out there really selfish mean and nasty to us with sz or is it an exaggeration or our inability to socialize properly. sometimes I have a hard time seeing the good in people. is that paranoia or ugly reality that us with sz are too sensitive to face squarely?

I am having a hard time with this one. I once spent a year in a school where I was treated like a queen. now I wonder if that was some kind of joke. because of my sz, I mean. would you like being treated like that?


would love to be treated like a queen (or a king in my case) sounds awesome

i think we need to give people a chance, the benefit of the doubt sort of things, people are not all that bad, most people are nice but you do get a bad apple in a bunch so you need to be wary i suppose.

Maybe people just liked you. I have the same thoughts though. because of the flat affect I’ve struggled with in the past, being dysphoric and compulsive, I have felt objectified in the past. It wasn’t that they knew I had schizophrenia, it’s that I was awkward and “coming out of my shell” because people without schizophrenia don’t get that the shell is permanent and can’t accept us for how we behave sometimes. I’m not saying it didn’t help to socialize and have new experiences, but that I would much rather people accept and embrace me with all the flaws I have, and not expect me to be like them. But people are weird and no one is the same. So I don’t know what to make of a lot of those types of encounters. I’ve had a lot of people who were awesome friends, but no one ever listened to me because I’m too intellectual for them. I just feel like no one thinks on my level, and no one did when I was in college. People just wanted to drink and smoke weed all the time.

I have learned the hard way, that every person is different, people are more complex than we would like to think.
People are not all good or all bad - there are a lot of gray areas - Some people are more understanding of what I go through and of my diagnosis or sometimes they just seem to understand and are not genuine - it gets complicated.
I go about my day and if someone teats me nice or is kind - great! If I bump into a negative person I start to think to myself, maybe he or she is having a bad day? or this person is miserable because of a bad childhood or marriage or what have you. I try not to take it personally. Others have issues too - we are not the only ones who feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. There usually are reasons behind everything - hope you have a great day tomorrow judy


There has been a fair number of misanthropic philosophers. In spite of his great sense of humor, Mark Twain hated people. He thought they were low. The Greek philosopher Diogenes wondered the streets of Athens with a lantern in his hand searching for an honest man. Some of the experiences I’ve had have brought down my view of people. They can be pretty mean.

I wonder about this all the time. Where does the paranoia stop and the bad treatment really start?..I wish I knew, it all looks the same to me. But, it is obvious that I have been picked on crapped on more than the average person in my life, so much that I avoid being around people now…I’ve had enough.

I don’t believe the world is selfish and mean. It’s just the nice things people do for the world not make the news as much as all the nasty stuff people do.

i think normal people have a better trust or dont trust filter than we do it can be a real problem.