"Contaminated food"

I’ve become aware that I’ve had trouble eating lately? I end up getting grossed out by my food and feeling like it’s dirty. I end up tossing food that’s probably perfectly good. Like today at lunch I just got grossed out for no reason and felt like all my food was unclean. I barely ate any of it. This is weird and disturbing for me. Does anyone else experience this?

Yes big time, alway’s thought “they” were messing with my food many times, would eat at random take outs that I would pull into before they could get to it. Stopped buying groceries and one time I threw the fridge out the back door.

I’ve had this delusion too.

sometimes the food is just nasty, dont rule it out

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Is it depression? In general I find it hard to eat when depressed.

There was a point though when my senses were altered and the taco soup that was made smelled like rotten feet and sweat. It made me think that the food smelled like that because it’s murdered and not properly cared for…

When I was really ill, like in hospital, I thought parts of my food were poisoned, and I had to use psychic powers to detect which parts were. Like I was being trained to be a psychic spy.

Same with cigarettes, i.e some cigarettes in the packet were poison and yet again, I had to use my psychic powers to figure out which.

But I was pretty far gone at that point, obviously.

That’s me lately. I went off on my brother yesterday for messing with my food but now I’m not even sure he did :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Yes, but I go through phases with it. Lately, everything is ‘contaminated’.
One thing that helps me, is to wash or peel my veggies and fruit. I also only eat when no one is around, so they don’t catch me inspecting it. Inspecting helps.
I hope you feel better, soon! :heart:

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