Processing my ocd and paranoia

I have to write this all out its eating me alive.
My ocd gets worse each time i have to get dressed. It started out a few years ago (this particular obsession not the ocd) but it was pretty mild. I had to alternate which half of my body i put clothing on or something bad will happen. It went away after a year or so. But as many of you know im definitely in psychosis and when that started a couple weeks ago i had the intrusive thought about getting dressed again. Usually ill imagine a hallucination i had a few years ago where my dog wa sburning alive i saw and heard it happen. Everytime i get dressed my rules and ritual gets more complicated and i have to get redressed more and more times. Today it was 8 times and after the 7th when i made a mistake i lost control and slapped the wall as hard as i could. I barely even felt the pain at first. Then when i got home from work i got undressed and fot so anxious i had another metldown and flapped my hands and pulled at my hair but i hopped in the shower and that helped. In general im really paranoid that someone is after me whether it be the gov or my professor or my mom idk.


İ start to use prozac for my suicidal ideation and health obsessions.everything goes fine.i m really happy.prozac really changed my minset dramatically with positive way

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I tried so so many antidepressants none have worked for me might be time to try again


Ok good luck and best wishes.

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I love you MoonGarden. I read your posts and connect with you. I hope you feel better. Try Trileptal I always feel cheerier on it even though my pdoc took me off of it. She wants me to be on less meds.

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Well thats always nice to hear!


OCD can be tough! Your definitely a strong person.

I read your story but it didn’t say if you were on medication or if that medication was working.

I hope your paranoia ends and you feel better.

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Im on medication. It wasnt working because i wasnt eating enough with it. Once i started eating more my paranoia and ocd symptoms subsided

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