Panic attacks

I keep getting mini panic attacks that they’re going to kidnap me in the future and then I feel guilty for not moving away.

North Korea has no interest in kidnapping you. NK is a proud nation that would never consider having a foreigner as their leader.

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I’m thinking I’m one out of a thousand they will pick to be used as an assassin. By looking like the dictator through plastic surgery, they can authorize by my presence these assassinations.

You’re delusional.

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Do you have any special assassinating skills? Do you speak Korean?

No I don’t speak Korean. My presence looking like the dictator would serve as the basis for the killings. So I wouldn’t need to have any skills.

And why use you and not a Korean national?

I don’t know. Maybe because they hate me. Or someone hates me who set me up.

you need to be observed in a mental ward…you are sick…there is nobody nobody nobody that cares to kill you…you are just a schizophrenic needing a doctor…

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