Pancreatitis surgery sometime in the.future

I’m back in the hospital, as of yesterday morning. I was very confused and threw up a couple of times. They had to restrain me. I remember my first day very little.

It’s TRUE that part of my pancreas has died and that part may need to be removed.

It’s also true that I have ketones in my urine. The nephrologist said 5his could be from not eating enough…essentially starving. They are running an A1C, today.

My potassium is low. That stuff burns!

That’s the story. Help?


Sounds like being in hospital is the right place to be. They’ll take care of you.


I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering Trish.

Please take care of yourself.



Damn Trish thats unlucky. With you in spirit in the hospital though buddy !

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“We’ll help you. We’re the helping hands!”

Naw, I’m kidding. But remember that movie? The Labyrinth. Trippy.

Anywho, hope you get better. You haven’t been starving yourself have you? I’m sure they’ll patch you up and you should get a dietitian to work with you on what you can do about a healthy diet.


Sending you all my love and positive vibes for a good surgery and a speedy recovery. I know you are feeling bad buy there are better times ahead, just hold on honey.


I’m sorry that you are suffering @JustTrish
Yes the hospital is a safe place to be.
The doctors and nurses will take care of you.

Please continue to keep us updated when you can.

Take care.


İ hope you get well soon @JustTrish :pray::sunrise_over_mountains:


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I’m home. The 2and ct showed no pancreas death. The docs said was in so much pain that I was thrashing around.

The A1C was normal for me.

So acute pancreatitis gastroparesis flare low potassium and calcium. Got loads of flagyl and rochephen.

Getting ready to eat. I’m freaking starving lol

Thanks for the support. I’m having chicken and apples.

Love to you all!


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