Pancreatic sugery

The rest of my pancreas is being removed on November 15th. The GI oncologist team is doing it. I’m struggling with it mentally emotionally. The first surgery was very traumatic. I had been able to be okay sort of about it last year. So I’m angry and stressed I have to go through it again. I have to stay in the hospital at least a week and a half close to two. My mind is numb.


Good luck with it @sweetpotatopie . Would make me nervous as well. Again, wish you luck.


Sorry to hear. Hope you get better. Good luck.


I’m sorry @sweetpotatopie
I know it sounds daunting but you’ll get through this too.

You are a fighter!


Sorry to hear this.
Best wishes with it.

Hope they have nice food at your hospital and take good care of you.


I hope everything goes well with your surgery and that you recover quickly.

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Sounds very stressful, but hang in there and hope you can relax and trust they will take good care of you.

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Sending you best wishes. I hope it will all go well.

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oh my that is serious…hope everything works out sooner than later…so sorry this is happening.

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Stay positive. Stay focused. You’re a strong person. I really respect you


How the hospital looks?
I hope isn’t some hole.
You are struggling,here are folks who care about you,including me…

Just think of days after procedure…

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